Top Seller: Boston’s Orchard Skateshop

'Orchard Crew. Photo: Braden Wheeler

Orchard Crew. Photo: Braden Wheeler

1562 Tremont Street #1
Mission Hill – Boston, MA 02120

About four years ago, skaters Jonathan Devoe, Broderick Gumpright, Matt Bagley and Armin Bachman noticed that the Boston area was lacking shops that, in their opinion, were true to the skate scene.  That’s when the Orchard Skateshop owners decided to get fully involved and open a 900-square-foot shop in the city where baseball is more important than life. Transworld Business caught up with Bagley to find out what’s “wicked hawt” right now – outside of “Fenway Pahk,” that is.

Orchard Shop

Best Selling Categories

1. Footwear

Brand: Adidas

SKU: Busenitz
According to Bagley, the shop has trouble keeping the Adidas Busenitz on the shelves. They also stock Vans, NikeSB, Converse, Lakai and Fallen which are  selling very well at the moment.

2. Skate Decks

Brand: Hopps

SKU: Jahmal Williams
Jahmal Williams is a legend in Beantown and apparently his hardgood brand is killing it. Here you see Jahmal’s and Jerry Fowler’s Hopps decks. Also selling well in the skate deck category are Deluxe, Blueprint, Girl and Orchard brand decks.

3. Softgoods

While softgoods are definitely solid in third place for best sellers, Bagley also gave honorable mention to the shop’s new full video called “Out of Body Experience,”which includes parts from Jerry Fowler, Kevin Coakley, Lee Berman, Bill Orsi, Jeff Valcourt ,Fritz Mead, and co-owner Bro Gumpright along with tons of other friends and family. If you like raw skate videos with good music, fast paced skating, and unique spots then keep an eye out for this video. It’s available for order at and at shops worldwide.

Brand: Orchard

Anyone from Boston will tell you it’s their favorite city. If they skate and shop at Orchard, they’re most likely going to represent. Orchard T-shirts, hoodies and hats sell the best in the softgood category thanks to the hometown support. And, according to Bagley, Elwood clothing has come on strong in the last year.

SKU: Any T-shirt
Although Orchard’s brand does the best, Bagley says Orchard is still rolling deep with Nike SB, Podium, Sole Tech, Fallen, Converse, Supra, Vans, Vox, Orchard Brand, Deluxe, Alien, Coda, Traffic, Girl, Chocolate, Blueprint, Elwood, Lowcard, Kavo, Brixton, to name a few. This spring, Orchard is also bringing in smaller brands such as HUF, In4mation, The Quiet Life, Tim Upsons “Hard Times,” and Richard Mulders company “Heel Bruise.” Bagley says Orchard is looking forward to working with some new companies that aren’t spread out too thin distribution-wise.