Top Seller: 17th Street Surf Shop in Virginia Beach

17th Street

One of 17th Street’s 10 locations; this one is Pacific Ave.

17th Street prides itself on having the widest variety of surf, skate, and snow gear in the area. Located on the Atlantic coast, the shop gets plenty of attention from tourists as well as the locals. Founded in 1970, the shop is currently owned by Tom Brown, who took over in the 80s and has since opened ten more shops. The Virginia Beach location has been consistently killing it in surf, skate, and snow sales. 17th Street's Brian Ashley gives us the scoop on the hottest products.


Number 1: Surfboards
17th Street is located near WRV's surf shop, which only carries WRV boards. This gives 17th Street a huge advantage in surfboard sales, says Ashley.
Channel Island K Board
Best Selling Brand: Channel Islands
Ashley says that not only are they selling the most Channel Islands boards, but that they are also doing more special orders for Channel Islands than any other brand.

Best Selling SKU: Channel Islands K-Board
CI's K-Board—Kelly Slater's model—and the Bobby Martinez model are the top selling boards, Ashley says. The customers coming in believe CI separates themselves from other board brands by having a "really great" shaper, according to Ashley.

Number 2: Skate Decks
The Virginia Beach rippers need something to do when the waves are flat too, so it's no surprise that skate decks come in as the number two category.

Best Selling Brand: CreatureCreature Deck
"We sold out of our last shipment of ten to fifteen [Creature] boards in two weeks," says Ashley. "The most I have ever seen sell that fast." Decks by Element and Plan B are also doing well.

Best Selling SKU: Any non-pro model
Non-pro models are the Creature boards heading out the door most. Ashley says their artwork and graphics seem to be really stand out to customers. "Creature is becoming the staple here in Virginia Beach. The customers like the old-school boards that they can go riding down the strip on."

Number 3: Men's T-shirts
Tees are pretty much always in demand, and at 17th Street they round out the best-sellers list in third place.

Volcom teeBest Selling Brand: Volcom
Volcom tees are turning the most heads in this beach town, and Ashley says it's partly due to their variety of tank tops, but mostly because of their "outgoing" designs. Quiksilver and Billabong also do well in this apparel category.

Best Selling SKU: Anything in retro colors
Ashley says the biggest fad right now is retro-color shirts, which Volcom provides plenty of.