TransWorld Business To Launch, September 2004

The Launch Of A New Resource

TransWorld Media is pleased to announce the launch of TransWorld Business, a new monthly trade magazine for retailers that will significantly enhance TransWorld’s unparalleled coverage of the boardsportsskate, surf, and snowboardingindustry.

For the past fourteen years, TransWorld Media’s primary trade titlesTransWorld SNOWboarding Business, TransWorld SKATEboarding Business, and more recently TransWorld SURF Businesshave been unsurpassed at unraveling the complicated boardsports market. Now as one combined title, TransWorld Business will build on those foundations in a way not possible with three disparate titles working under sporadic and staggered delivery dates.

TransWorld Business is a better way for us to meet the needs of our customers,” says Brad McDonald, general manager of TransWorld Media. “By offering one comprehensive title, we recognize that specialty-retailing is increasingly being driven by multi-sport outlets. With wider distribution, a larger editorial staff, and a consistent monthly frequency, TransWorld Business will have greater presence and value than our more narrowly focused trade titles.”

The combined forces of the three Biz magazines is the sum of all parts of the boardsports industries. TransWorld Business will be an in-depth and timely read, with more information that caters to both the niche retailer and the manufacturer’s needs.

“Combining the business titles makes all the sense in the world because it reflects what most specialty retailers already do,” says Mikke Pierson, co-owner of ZJ Boarding House in Santa Monica, California. “In the past having surf, skate, and snow segmented into their own sections was an artificial barrier to how we do business.”

The Details
TransWorld Business will be the monthly “must-read” for the boardsports industry. Retailers thrive on up-to-date and targeted information to successfully run their businesses. TransWorld Business will be delivered into the mailboxes of more than 15,000 shop owners, buyers, and key decision makers each and every month. This tabloid-sized trade magazine will be dedicated to helping retailers improve their bottom line and better understand the market.

“I think it’s a great idea to roll all the business magazines into one,” says Benny Pellegrino, co-owner of Milosport in Salt Lake City, Utah. “Although I don’t do surf in my store, I get great ideas and information from the surf market that I can apply in my shop.”

Staffed By Dedicated Experts
TransWorld Business will be staffed with four creative editors dedicated to explaining our market in fresh, clear, thought-provoking ways.

Sean O’Brien – Editor in Chief
For the past sixteen years, Sean O’Brien has earned his living by making magazines. O’Brien joined TransWorld Media in June 1996 as senior editor of SNOWboarding Business. He served as the editor of that title from 1997 until 2000. He was the founding editor of TransWorld SURF Business when it launched in April 1999 and has served as editor since then.

Prior to joining TranWorld, O’Brien was the editor of Outdoor Retailer, Riptide, and BodyBoarding magazines.

“In the past ten years as a trade magazine editor, I’ve seen a lot of changes in the market,” says O’Brien, “but none more significant than those we’re seeing now. Fundamental differences among many surfers, skaters, and snowboarders remain. That’s great and healthy for the market.

“At the retail and manufacturing level, however, these same divisions that once helped define companies are now often being reassessed or discarded. Billabong buys Element, Quiksilver acquires DC, Burton launches Analog, Nike Dunks take the skate-shoe market by storm, Salomon designs and manufactures surfboardsthe market has entered a new phase of development where the concept of ‘inclusion’ has never been more prevalent.

“This change is particularly relevant to retailers,” O’Brien continues. “A counter-seasonal approach that chooses from among the boardsports marketbased on geographic realitiesis no longer the exception but the retail norm. I’m excited TransWorld recognizes these changes and is devoting the resources necessary to enhance our usefulness to retailers. It’s pretty visionary stuff.”

Adam Sullivan – Senior Editor (with a focus on skate)
A skateboarder of fifteen years, Sullivan has worked in skate shops, managed skate-company warehouses, and screenprinted skateboards since 1996. He has seen the industry from both a retailer’s and manufacturer’s perspective, allowing him to understand the inner workings of the skateboarding industry.

In 2000 Sullivan worked as the online editor for After freelancing for SLAP, TransWorld SKATEboarding, and TransWorld SKATEboarding Business, he came on as SKATE Biz senior writer before being rapidly promoted to assistant editor, then editor.

“It’s the purpose of the TransWorld Business magazine to watch our respective industries and to educate and inform our audience,” says Sullivan. “Lately our boardsports industries have been merging, so it’s only natural for us to follow suit. TransWorld Business will go a long way toward broadening our retailers’ horizons, which can only help them operate their businesses more efficiently. And by having a monthly publication, we can deliver the information on a more timely basis.”

Leah Stassen – Senior Editor (with focus on snow)
Leah Stassen has been an integral part of TransWorld SNOWboarding Business during its last three volumes, most recently as its managing editor, handling everything from extensive travel and writing to editorial planning and managing freelance writers. With seven years of retail experience, she’s no stranger to the daily toils of specialty shops.

Prior to joining TransWorld, Stassen worked at Snowboard Connection in Seattle, Washington where she did everything from working the sales floor to helping with shop accounting. During her tenure there, Stassen moved into buying the women’s softgoods and providing input on a majority of the hardgoods decisions. Prior to her time in Seattle, Stassen worked the sales floor of a specialty snowboard and ski shop in the flatlands of South Dakota.

TransWorld Business really is going to be the best parts of TransWorld SURF Business, SKATEboarding Business, and SNOWboarding Business all wrapped into one,” says Stassen. “When I was working in a shop, I remember that one moment I’d be selling a snowboard and the next I’d be talking surfboards or even gripping a skate deck. TransWorld Business is going to do the same thing. We’re broadening our perspective without losing our focus or commitment to the specialty retailer who carries surf, skate, and snow products. I’m really psyched to be a part of it.”

Casey Koteen – Senior Editor (with focus on surf)
Casey Koteen came onboard as managing editor of TransWorld SURF Business in November of 2003 and has since only pulled himself away from the keyboard for coffee runs and south swells. Koteen was associate editor of Surfing magazine from 2000 to 2002, and he also has e
xtensive surf-industry retail experience, working at Rusty Surfboards Del Mar from 1992 to 2000eventually working his way up to manager. Koteen is also an accomplished surfer who held the number-two ranking in the NSSA College Men’s division in 1995, and the number-four ranking during the 1996 season.

“Retailers have been operating on a multisports strategy for a long time,” says Koteen, “and I think this joining of content will do an excellent job of matching their business interests and concerns. Plus, for those retailers who are focused in on a single sport, the multisport content will provide them easy and timely information about important events and trends that might not otherwise be on their radar.”

Please join us in congratulating the staff of TransWorld Business on the launch of the newest retail resource to hit the market.

TransWorld SKATEboarding Business will finish its editorial season with Issue 14 Number 6 (June). TransWorld SURF Business will close out Issue 6 Number 4 (June) and begin under the new TransWorld Business title in September. TransWorld SNOWboarding Business has finished its editorial season for 2004. TransWorld Business will be available in September 2004. Are you ready to see the next level?

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