TransWorld Snow Industry Conference Biography: Brad Steward

Brad Steward

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Thursday, March 3, 2011
4:15 P.M.-6:15 p.m.

“Evolution or Extinction: Determining Our Future"

The fate of snowboarding is in our hands. Powerful stuff, for a bunch of "amateurs" right? As Brad Steward summed up so well in his keynote last year, it's exactly our amateur approach and outlook that has made snowboarding as exciting, fun, and continually new over the last three decades.

The challenge at this point is to challenge ourselves to continue to pass on the same passion we all have through new tools, mediums, and messages. In an increasingly interconnected, global world, collaboration is the new norm, but how do we work together and hold each other to a higher level of excellence?

Steward will share his insight on coming together to create actionable initiatives with measurable goals across brands, resorts, and retailers for the first annual TransWorld Snow Industry Conference Challenge, which will pair groups for a competition to move the needle towards sustainable growth over the next year.


Brad Steward’s life story breaks into five chapters:

CHAPTER ONE: Pioneering Pro Snowboarder – Brad began riding in the late 1970s and became one of snowboarding’s first sponsored riders and one of the first people to ride and make a living from snowboarding. After a few poor contest placements and ugly crashes, this chapter quickly evolved with the realization he should retire and develop the snowboarding business .

CHAPTER TWO: Brad ventures into the emerging industry; directing Sims Snowboards toward the then radical concept of marketing snowboarding more like skateboarding, less like skiing or “surfing on the snow.” This time is spent writing and shooting for International Snowboard magazine and TransWorld Snowboarding magazine in virtually every corner of the world. The highlights include being the first Americans to ride the Caucasus mountain Range in Russia, and pioneering riding trips in Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain, Argentina and Japan. This era wraps up with Brad and crew running from a nasty Russian avalanche on Mt. Elbrus, the highest elevation of any ski area in the world.

CHAPTER THREE: Brad relocates to Oregon to start Morrow Snowboards and luanch Bonfire Snowboarding. Along with Dennis Jensen, Jake Burton and David Ingemi, Brad assists in the IOC (International Olympic Committee) and USOC (US Olympic Committee) negotiations to create a structure for snowboarding to become an Olympic sport. Both Bonfire and Morrow grow to be among the leading snowboarding companies of this era.

CHAPTER FOUR: With the realization he’s made hs entire living from the age of 15 to mid 30’s from snowboarding, Brad ventures into the film business and launches a film production company. His clients include Sony Music, Def Jam, Cartoon Network, AMC (American Movie channel) and several other smaller clients. Bonfire commercials land Creativity Magazine‘s Spot Of The Year and win an Addy Award. With representation by Bullet Films London and Circle Films Canada, Brad joins the firms representing the Coen Brothers at that time. Two years later, overworked and missing the mountains, he returns to snowboarding.

CHAPTER FIVE: Currently the Global Director of Marketing for Salomon and Bonfire Snowboarding, Brad directrs the efforst of marketing staff in the brands’ offices all over the world. Along with his awesome and talented team, Brad creates web, pirnt, and event campaigns for both brands through Portland-based offices.