Transworld Snowboarding Announces Changes To Its 2001-2002 Magazine Schedule

Oceanside, CA- February 16, 2001- TransWorld Media today announcedchangesto TransWorld SNOWboarding’s Fall 2001/Winter 2002 magazine lineup.”Everybody at TransWorld felt we should do our part to shake things up alittle this year. Let’s not just do the status quo, let’s help breathesomenew energy back into an industry that we still believes prides itself onchange and innovation,” said Tim Wrisley, TransWorld’s group publisher.

“We were at a similar point in the mid-90’s with skateboarding,” said FranRichards, publisher/VP sales & marketing. “Blank decks were killing offpro-model sales, so we decided to do what we could to help grow theindustryagain. One of the biggest things we did was introduce an issue that wasALLproduct; TransWorld SKATEboarding Buyer’s Guide. That issue pushed promodels to consumers at the same time we started pushing only the top proseditorially in the magazine; for a while there we were spotlighting toomanyunknowns. The end result is that that issue is one of the best sellers ofthe year and the skate industry has boomed.”

TransWorld is carrying that theory over to snowboarding now. “This seasonwe will introduce three specials to TransWorld SNOWboarding’s lineup,”Wrisley continued. The first will be a true “Buyer’s Guide & Board Test,”the second will be a “Park & Pipe Guide of Snowboard Resorts,” and thethirdwill be what our readers and the industry have been calling for for years;atrue, traditional “Photo Annual.”

All the “special issues” will be manufactured and designed to feeldifferentthan TransWorld’s regular issues. They will also be newsstand driven,withtwo of the three offering lower out-of-pocket cost to advertisers.

“I’m excited about the package we have to offer advertisers this year,”saidCharlie Anderson, director of sales & marketing. “I’m stoked for theadvertisers, but even more stoked for the readers; these issues are gonnabegoooood.”

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