Transworld Surf 7873 – Presented At Santa Cruz Surf Shop

Connecting this Fall………
Santa Cruz Surf Shop, Santa Cruz, Ca. November 21, 2000 – 6:00pm

TransWorld Surf’s first surf video, 7873, willbe digitizing on screens across the country. Fast paced action by BruceIrons, Andy Irons, Chris Ward, Taj Burrow, Shane Beschen, Cory Lopez,Shea Lopez, Ozzie Wright, Joel Parkinson, Nathan Hedge, Fred Patacchia,Jason Shibata, Tory Barron,T.J. Barron, Sunny Garcia, Tamayo Perry, Shane Dorian, Kelly Slater, RobMachado, Kasey Curtis, Ratboy, Goose, Tim Curran, Mikala Jones, MakuaRothman, Mark Healey, Anthony Petruso and many more.

Locations include France, Spain, Portugal, Hawaii, California, Mexico,Australia, Indonesia, Central America and Fiji.

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