TransWorld Surf Premieres 7873

[IMAGE 1]All the heavy hitters showed up to last night’s (October 26) premiere of TransWorld SURF’s first surf video 7873. Representatives from the Church of Later Day Saints were there, so was Chad Muska, Dirk Diggler, the Incredible Hulk, and a grip of washed up rock stars. Big fine ass Jennifer Lopez backed that thang up too — sans Puffy though.

Bums came in from off the street to see the show, and lots of Billy Bobs, Buds, and their not-too-far-from-the-hillbilly-tree cousins piled into Encinitas’ La Paloma theater to watch guys like Bruce Irons, Andy Irons, Chris Ward, Shane Beschen, Cory Lopez, Ozzie Wright, Joel Parkinson, Nathan Hedge, Fred Patacchia, and Jason Shibata surf real good at big Backdoor/Pipe and kill it in crappy Euro waves. Oh yeah, Mike Carter (Electric), Mike Todd, Mark Webber (Hurley), Lenny Jones (Volcom), Troy Eckhart (Volcom), Brad Dougherty (Volcom), Vinnie de la Pena (Ezekiel), Nick Kovak, and Pascal Stansfield were also on hand for the debauchery.

The video’s not like anything you’ve seen. Ask anyone who saw it and guaranteed they’ll say “different.” From the digitized effects, to the quick flashes of T ‘n A, to the solid soundtrack that strayed from the all too familiar Good Ridances and Pennywises that usually leave ears ringing, TWS has put its unique stamp on 7873.

[IMAGE 2] The hecklers in the back screaming “Do something!” had a case at some of the slower points in the movie, however, including the Crank Call sections, which would have been sick if we could have heard what the hell Cote was saying. Other questionable parts in the movie were the fight scenes where a big guy dropped a grom — that drew mixed reactions from the young and old — and the over-produced Mex footy. The editing was super smooth, however, and the crash section was one of the best I’ve seen. The intro was also insane.

After the movie, the players packed into the Saloon across the street and got really, really drunk.

[IMAGE 3]7873 will premiere nationwide this Saturday at the following fine locations: Local Motion Surf Shop, Honolulu – 7:00pm; Spyder Surf Shop, Hermosa – 8:00pm; Island Water Sports, Deerfield – 6:30pm; Wave Riding Vehicles, Kitty Hawk – 1:00pm; Brave New World, Mantolokin – 9:30pm.