TransWorld Top 10: Type A Jim Moran

A rider who likes to consume large quantities of frosty malted beverages, Jim Moran was obviously stone-cold sober when he designed his latest pro model from Type A. After hours of diligent testing and compiling the reams of data, our results were as clear as a shot of chilled vodka—this board rocks.

Not a board to get pigeonholed into one style of riding, Moran’s design stepped it up anywhere the testers took it. Park, pipe, rails, natural terrain—this board ruled it all. As Ami said, “I loved this sucker on all terrain.”

But it seems our test crew likes their boards the way they like the ladies—skinny in the waist like anorexic supermodels. Even though the Moran features a waist width of 24.9 centimeters (fairly narrow compared to other models), a couple testers thought it was a little wide for their style and not quite quick enough.

Type A
Jim Moran
Length (cm) 159
Effective edge (cm): 124
Sidecut Radius (m): 8.3
Waist Width (cm): 24.9
Price: $389

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