Triple 8 2012/13 Helmet Sneak Peek

Unisex Old School Audio $69.99 MSRP

Unisex Uptown Audio $79.99 MSRP










































Triple 8

Justin Rimbert, Business Manager

Justin Rimbert, Business Manager


What are the three biggest trends you see shaping the market and what are you doing to meet them?

1.      People are looking for a simply shaped helmet with its roots in the design of that of its skateboarding counterpart.  As such, we've modeled our snow helmet after the shell design of our ever popular brainsaver skate mold bringing the clean simple helmet shapes to the slopes.

2.      Listening to music on the mountain has become almost as essential as wearing a helmet itself.  That's why both of our Old School Audio designs kill 2 birds with one stone.  All of our adult helmets come audio enabled bringing quality sound to the market at an affordable price.

3.      Long gone are the days where a helmet was worn for functionality alone.  The helmet has now become a true "accessory" in itself.  As such, we are bringing some stylized ideals to the functionality of the helmet.  Our newest addition, The Uptown Audio, comes standard with a faux leather earflap, faux fur chin strap and liner, and a blinged out logo enabling your helmet to truly become part of your personal style.

For the upcoming season, what is your brand doing to differentiate itself?

Triple 8 has long prided itself on continuing to make the details better.  With such a well liked shape, we're constantly listening to our Pro riders and customers alike in order to ensure that each one of our helmets are crafted with the utmost quality materials and attention to detail.  From the chin strap, to the audio, to the Triple 8 signature rubberized coating, we've got the details on lock down.

What new technologies are you introducing to your line?

New for 2012, The Uptown Audio & The East Village Audio helmet lines come standard with a fully lined faux fur liner for added comfort and breathability making it ideal regardless of the conditions.  In addition, we're introducing some new colors to the mix which really round out the line nicely.


From your perspective, how concerned are consumers with helmet certifications?

Our customers tend to be extremely knowledgeable and well researched.  So we constantly hear customers inquiring to ensure that our helmets are CE EN 1077 & ASTM F2040 certified (which every snow helmet we make indeed is).  Certifications are perceived by most customers as important as look, style, & feel.

 What trends do you anticipate in the realm of graphics, themes, and colors?

We view the trends in helmet colors, graphics, themes, etc… to mirror the trends seen in certain hardgoods (i.e. bindings).  People want a helmet that speaks to them but not too loudly.  You'll be hard pressed to see anything really outlandish on the slopes as most people want their helmet to fit in seamlessly with their gear rather than call unnecessary attention to it.

What trends have you detected with regards to sale volumes?

We're experiencing a really steep growth in sales volume of our snow line which can be partially attributed to the increased prevalence of helmets year over year, combined with our emergence within the helmet sub-category as a "go-to" snow helmet brand.