Triple Crown Finals LIVE COVERAGE!

This past week while you were in school, at work, or out doing whatever itis that you do on any given weekday, crews were busy working like Doozers constructing the street course, vert ramp, and bowl for this year’s Triple Crown finals held in Oceanside, California.

While they weren’t making cute,edible plastic structures, didn’t stand four inches tall, or have perfectlyround little heads like the Doozers from Fraggle Rock, it was still prettyentertaining to watch them putter around. Perhaps it was because I wassitting there on my ass just watching other people perform manual labor, butit was most likely due to the excitement and anticipation that an upcomingworld class skateboarding event happening right down the street holds.

I’ll be bringing you daily updates about what happened at the contest,complete with photos, words and video clips this coming Friday, Saturday andSunday… “live” from the Vans/Playstation World Championships ofSkateboarding.

Tune in daily to watch your favorite pros descend on O-side to compete for an unprecedented $125,000 in cold, hard, greasy, American cash. Oh, and the overall winner will take home a 2000 Ford Explorer as well. A cold, hard, greasy, American Ford Explorer.