Triple Crown Street Qualifiers

(Video Highlights the Street Events)

(Video Highlights the Men’s Bowl Riding Event)

Well, the second official day of the Triple Crown was approximately 74.8 more times enjoyable than the first, for the skaters and spectators alike.

The rain and unexpected gloom of yesterday scared most away from the pier, but by 12 o’clock today the sun had blazed a trail through the clouds, leaving Oceanside awash in contented crowds and competitive skateboardingaction.

At 10 AM, about 20 girls were ripping around the street course, each of their hearts set on taking home at least a nibble of the $5000 block of cheese. Cnaan Omer (winner of the first two Triple Crown girl’s conteststhis year) was the one to beat, and I watched as a couple of fierce butches tried to clothesline her numerous times during practice. Just kidding.

There weren’t any Tonya Harding tactics to speak of, but little Amy Caron singlehandedly put a stop to Cnaan’s reign with her clean, technical abilities and her crowbar of a knack to put together a good line.

This contest was probably the finest display of female skateboarding I have ever seen, and I’m not just writing that here to get you all excited about this story and wanting to read further. I’m writing it because it’s true.Even just over the past year, the level of girl’s skateboarding worldwide has been raised a notch, and there’s a couple slams and a some makes in today’s video clip that will attest to that fact.

I’m not ashamed to say that vert scares the holy living sh*t out of me. Not only trying to skate it, but just watching other people killing it makes me uneasy. Dudes like Rune, Burnquist, Max Dufour, Anthony Furlong, SandroDias, Andymac, Tas and Crum had me clenching my teeth and praying for rain today during the eliminations. The names mentioned above are among the 20 who will advance to the all-out, nail-biting, ulcer-inducing finals thatI’ll be sitting through tomorrow all for your sake.

The street eliminations of today brought throngs of autograph-hungry kids lining the edges of the course like groupies outside of a Rolling Stones concert. They didn’t care that I was just a roadie, just as long as you hadsome sort of wristband on and were on the other side of the fence, they treated you like some other-wordly being. After telling the tenth bunch of my “fans” that I was “just some guy”, they still continued to hassle me, thinking I was some famous pro trying to be all incognito and sh*t. I wasn’t. I’m actually just some guy. But enough about me and my upwardly spiral to pro skateboarder superstardom. What actually went down in the street contest?

Here’s a rundown of the top five placers in the street eliminations, five of the 24 skaters who will compete in the semi-finals and, if they’re lucky, move onto the finals on Sunday afternoon: As usual, Willy Santos and Carlos De Andrade put together some great linesthat took advantage of the entire course to take them into the semis.

Justin Strubing surprised some people with his buttery style, massive pop and creative lines. And finally, two names you don’t hear enough in competitive skateboarding: Caine Gayle and Rob Dyrdek. These two true street rippers seemed to have the course built especially for them, and took first and second qualifying positions.

Tomorrow, we’ll watch as 24 of the best streetskaters in the world rally for the title of King of the Autographer that is Street Course.

Women’s street:

Triple Crown Overall Points winner:Cnaan Omer $2500

1. Amy Caron $2000
2. Cnaan Omer $1000
3. Jamie Reyes $600
4. Heidi Fitzgerald $500
5. Faye Jaime $400

(Video Highlights the Street Events)

(Video Highlights the Men’s Bowl Riding Event)