Tuesday Top Seller: New York’s Supreme Skate Shop

With six locations, Supreme Skate Shop has been going strong since it first entered the scene in 1994 with its flagship Manhattan location. The newly remodeled space n NYC is abut 1,000 square feet, and manager Charles Lamb says the shop draws a diverse range of customers, from high school kids who are willing to wait in line overnight outside the shop to get the newest Nike SB’s to veteran customers who know exactly what brand and styles they are looking for. We caught up with Lamb to find out what’s been selling at the shop lately. Here’s what he had to say.


1. Apparel
Supreme just carries T-shirts, says Lamb. The shop used to also stock hoodies and other apparel items, but have tailored their selection to what seems to have a strong following with its loyal customers, according to Lamb.

Top Selling Brand: Girl
While Kayo’s brands, especially DGK, are popular with the urban youth customers, Lamb says that all the brands do well in this category. Top performers include Girl and Chocolate.

Top Selling SKU: Girl Shark Attack
This shirt has been doing really well at the shop, according to Lamb, who added that another favorite has been Gold Wheels’ Hyphy T-shirt: “Out of nowhere I just ordered that Spongebob T-shirt with gold teeth and it literally flew out of our store.”

2. Footwear
“We have so many shoes in here,” Lamb says, explaining that the shop has almost an entire wall dedicated to footwear. “We have a collab with Vans, plus we make our own shoes – kind of a canvas knock off of China Town style.”

Top Selling Brand: Nike SB
“Nike SB kind of speaks for itself - every day at least 25 pairs of SB leave the store,” Lamb says.

Top Selling SKU: Blazers
“Blazers do well if they are a smart colorway,” says Lamb. “Sometimes the outlandish colors do OK in the high top. The low top does OK, too, but some of other styles are a bit iffy.”

3. Skate Decks
“You have to keep in mind we experience very harsh seasons here, so skating year round is almost impossible unless you have a car and drive to a skate park,” says Lamb. Despite that, Supreme still manages to sell a good number of boards. “They do well, I mean every week I'm reordering a lot. They definitely sell, but its not the main attraction here.”

Top Selling Brand: DGK
“It seems that here on East Coast even little kids are riding boards that are starting at 8 inch width, so I guess that means they are paying a little more attention to pro riders who are a little more well-rounded,” explains Lamb.¬† “Anti hero does really well, Girl and Chocolate do well, Clich√© does really well – and they all have good teams.”

Top Selling SKU: I Love Haters!
“It’s geared toward that urban youth that listens to only hip hop,” says Lamb of this board. Older customers often prefer graphics from other companies, he says. “All the graphics from Girl and Chocolate are always really smart – if it has some sort of punch line, it tends to sell better.”