Two Days Left At The US Open: Friday Recap

Spent the day on the sand and in the bleachers at the US Open today. With temperatures near 80 at the waters edge it was an SPF 30+ day.

The early part of the day I sat in the bleachers with friends, coworkers, etc. watching the surf action, which is suffering from lack of swell at the moment, though rumbling’s of an eleventh-hour swell have been surfacing. Might be wishful thinking, but with the amount of surf talent currently in Huntington Beach, a bit of south would go a long way.

Crazy heat around lunchtime today pitted Andy Irons against Fred Patacchia, Timmy Curran, and Trent Munro … an all-WCT heat. Timmy ruled the heat with a perfect 360 air and a couple carving 360s. Tim rules the small stuff, and he and Andy survived to surf the round of 24 which commences at 9:30 Saturday morning. Worth checking out … especially if the rumored swell shows.

Later watched the girls skate vert and was thoroughly impressed with what I saw. I always knew Carabeth Burnside was a serious talent, but I had no idea so many women are skating vert with style and doing waist-high-plus backside airs. Jen O’Brien ruled, as did some 13 year old who’s name escapes me.

Later, watched Chris Coté host his interview show Meet The Pro from the main stage. Chris had five guests, including Timmy Curran, who was a great guest. Note to interviewees: you aren’t funnier than Coté, so do try to be.

I left around 5:30 p.m., and things were still pumping. If you have some free time this weekend, you need to come down and check the Open out. It’s a seriously good time, and there are so many hot women on the beach.

More tomorrow. Gotta run. Just enough time to shower and get to the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa to check out Ozzie Wright’s band The Goons Of Doom.