US Open 2002 Schedule

The 2002 U.S. Open SnowboardingChampionships, the premier snowboarding event of the year, is primed andready to get underway at Stratton Mountain, Vermont, from March 14-17, 2002.The world will have its sights set on Southern Vermont come mid-March, asStratton will showcase competitive world-class snowboarding at its verybest. Over 500 male and female riders representing more than 15 countrieswill flock to Stratton to make their mark in snowboarding history. The bestrider?s in the world will vie for top spots in the Quarterpipe, Halfpipe,Junior Jam Halfpipe, and Slopestyle events, including 2002 Olympic WinterGames medallists Ross Powers, Danny Kass, Kelly Clark, and JJ Thomas.

Veteran halfpipe specialist and long-time U.S. Open competitor, ShannonDunn, is also gearing up for the 2002 U.S. Open as she recently stated, ?TheU.S. Open is a great event that brings competitors together from around theglobe to showcase their riding skills. It?s one of the only events wherecompetitors and spectators hang out together in a fun atmosphere and justenjoy snowboarding.?

The U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships is the sport?s ultimate provingground, annually drawing the world?s top snowboarders for a week ofaction-packed competition spread across a variety of snowboardingdisciplines. Now in its 20th year, the U.S. Open reminds us to reflect onwhere the sport came from and what it is truly all about. Since its 1982inception, the U.S. Open has been widely regarded as the pinnacle event ofeach competitive season. This time-tested annual event has proudlymaintained its ?by riders, for riders? mentality, has never lost thegrassroots, fun feel that has defined it since day one, and has remained atruly ?open? event drawing a wide array of competitors ranging fromworld-class rippers to the up-and-comers that will one day rule the sport.

The U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships has always been committed to boththe progression of the sport as well as the specific wishes and wants of theriders and spectators. In addition to mind-blowing action in the Halfpipeand Quarterpipe courtesy of the top riders in the world, an entirely newevent has been added to this year?s schedule ? Men?s and Women?s Slopestyle.This heavily skateboard-influenced discipline is certain to be a crowdfavorite as it combines multiple freestyle elements set within a uniquecourse featuring a multitude of jumps, rails, and hips.

Many new and exciting event additions and Stratton area upgrades have alsobeen put in place to help make the overall event experience the best it canpossibly be for the 20,000 spectators that are expected to descend uponStratton this year. Event attendees will be treated to an interactivesponsor village, pro rider autograph sessions, and festive partiesthroughout the four-day event weekend. Additionally, Stratton?s SunbowlArea, which supports the entire event, has been revamped for 2002 and nowfeatures two new high-speed six passenger lifts, a refurbished base lodge,and expanded parking.

The U.S. Open Snowboarding Championship is the most anticipated event of theseason, and this year is no exception, as the hype around the sport is goingto help make the 2002 U.S. Open bigger and better than it ever has beenbefore!

The 2002 U.S. Open Snowboarding Championships see support from BurtonSnowboards as Owner/Presenting Sponsor, Right Guard Xtreme Sport asPresenting Sponsor, SoBe Beverages and Volkswagen as Supporting Sponsors,FHM as Associate Sponsor, and Stratton Mountain Resort as Event Host. Lookfor network-televised coverage of the 20th Annual U.S. Open this April 2002on Fox Sports Net ? stay tuned for the complete broadcast schedule.

For information on how to obtain media credentials for the 2002 U.S. Open,please visit the official website located at:


Monday, March 11th
– Rider Registration: 8:00am ? 4:00pm
– Women?s Halfpipe Practice: 10:00am ? 12:00pm
– Men?s Halfpipe Practice: 12:00pm ? 3:00pm

Tuesday, March 12th
– Rider Registration: 8:00am ? 4:00pm
– Men?s Halfpipe Practice and Pre-Qualifiers: 8:00am ? 4:00pm

Wednesday, March 13th
– Rider Registration: 8:00am ? 4:00pm
– Men?s Halfpipe Practice and Pre-Qualifiers: 8:00am ? 12:00pm
– Women?s Halfpipe Practice and Pre-Qualifiers: 12:00pm ? 4:00pm

Thursday, March 14th
– Rider Registration: 8:00am ? 4:00pm
– Men?s and Women?s Halfpipe Practice: Times TBD
– Men?s Slopestyle Practice: 8:00am ? 9:00am
– Men?s Slopestyle Qualifiers: 9:00am ? 12:00pm
– Women?s Slopestyle Practice: 12:00pm ? 1:00pm
– Women?s Slopestyle Qualifiers: 1:00pm ? 3:30pm

Friday, March 15th
– Rider Registration: 8:00am ? 4:00pm
– Men?s and Women?s Halfpipe Practice & Quarterfinals: 8:00am ? 3:00pm
– Men?s and Women?s Slopestyle Practice: Times TBD
– Men?s and Women?s Daytime Quarterpipe Practice: Times TBD
– Men?s and Women?s Evening Quarterpipe Practice and Finals: 6:00pm ? 9:00pm
o Awards immediately following at stage located in Sunbowl base area

Saturday, March 16th
– Men?s and Women?s Semifinal Halfpipe Practice: 10:00am ? 12:00pm
– Women?s Halfpipe Semifinals: 12:15pm ? 1:00pm
– Men?s Halfpipe Semifinals: 1:00pm ? 2:00pm
– Halfpipe Finals ? Men?s and Women?s Jam: 2:15pm ? 3:30pm
o Awards immediately following at stage located in Sunbowl base area

Sunday, March 17th
– Junior Jam Halfpipe: 8:30am ? 1:00pm
o Awards immediately following at stage located in Sunbowl base area
– Men?s and Women?s Slopestyle Finals: 11:00am ? 1:30pm
o Awards immediately following at stage located in Sunbowl base area