US Snowboard Team Pens Write In The Cold

Compact pens with laser-engraved US Ski and Snowboarding Team logos: Theonly pens guaranteed to write from -30 to +300 degrees F, at any angle, evenupside down or under water. All-weather, all-terrain reliability that USteam members depend on.For winter sports aficionados, Fisher Space Pen, the manufacturer ofall-terrain, ultra-reliable pens, announces compact new US Ski andSnowboarding Team Pens – which fit comfortably in any pocket, yet areguaranteed to write reliably in any weather from -30 to +300 degrees F.Sporting laser-engraved US Ski and Snowboarding Team logos, the pens writeat any angle, even upside down or underwater – for all-weather reliabilitythat US team members have depended on for almost a decade.According to legend, US Ski team members lent early versions of the pens tojournalists at the Winter Games in Lillehammer, Norway, when typical penswouldn’t write in the frosty, high altitude weather. Fisher, an officialsponsor of the US Ski Team since 1993, donates 10 percent of the pens’proceeds to the US Ski and Snowboarding Team.Since 1967, Fisher Space Pens have been used on all manned space flights(American, Russian, and others) after winning NASA approval for the originalApollo missions. This simple, yet important tool allowed the astronauts to

write at any angle, even upside down, in the gravityless vacuum of space.As versions of the classic Fisher Bullet Space Pen – originally designed byPaul Fisher in 1948 and now displayed in the Museum of Modern Art as aclassic example of industrial design – the palm-sized US Ski andSnowboarding Team Pens become normal-sized writing instruments when the capsare placed on the barrels. Unlike ordinary ballpoint pens, which rely ongravity to feed ink, the US Ski and Snowboard Team Pens feature pressurizedink cartridges. At 30 pounds per square inch, ink is continuously fed to atungsten carbide ball, allowing the user to write at elevated angles withconstant smooth ink flow. The pens, like other Fisher Space Pens, write onwet, moist, or glossy surfaces, even underwater, and boast estimated shelflives of more than 100 years.A stainless steel, precision-machined socket prevents leaks and oozing yet

delivers instant uniform ink flow. Patented thixotropic ink hermeticallysealed in the pressurized reservoir allows the pens’ ink cartridges to writethree times longer than standard pens, with exceptional color strengthrequiring less ink to write dark readable lines.Fisher Bullet Pens have been used in Mount Everest expeditions since the1970s for their cold-weather, high-altitude reliability. The Fisher BulletPen is also the official pen of the National Ski Patrol, as well as theProfessional Ski Instructors of America, each which has their ownlaser-engraved versions of the pens.