Vans Presents:Snickers World Championships of Skateboarding Rotterdam 2005 (Holland Press Release)

Contest july 15-17
Photocontest july 12-14

“Let’s bring skateboarding back to skateboardcontests” said event manager Marco Jongeneel on a presentation to the WSR05 organisation. And he’s serious; Streetcontest, Vertcontest, Photocontest, Art and Photoexpositions, Mini filmfestival, Talkshows/forums, Performances, Concerts, Parties over $100.000 of prizemoney and more! Sounds like
Rotterdam 2005 really goes off. “There’s only one first time to organise a contest like this”.

Streetcontest Other than that the course looks amazing and is designed by Dutch skateboarders incl. Wieger van Wageningen, Rotterdam is aiming on a new competitionsystem and a new judgingsystem. 4 or 5 riders will ride at the same time and will be judged by both the audience through textmessaging, the riders through a special gameshow buttonsystem where they can vote for the favourite rider and by 5 regular judges. The streetcontest will be held in the indoor ‘Ahoy Sportpaleis’. The course will be build by IOU-ramps from Germany.The host of the contest will be announced soon.

Vertcontest The vertcontest will be held in the center of the city. Vertical Ramps from Switzerland is bringing everybody’s favourite double vertramp. You may all remember this ramp from the battle between Bob Burnquist and Rune Glifberg at the last Lausanne Contest. Holland’s highest flying vertskater Bob Joosten is part of the organisation and will be responsible for inviting most of the riders.

Photocontest Skateboarding and photography allways went hand in hand Where would skateboarding be without photography? WSR05 will put some spotlights on the photographers and organise a photocontest. In this battle, 10 photographers can choose their team of 3 riders, drive around Rotterdam in a van + local provided by the organisation, 3 days prior to the contest. On friday, the photographers can choose their best 2 foto’s to enter the contest. Again judging will be done by riders, audience and judges.

Art-, Photo- and Movie expositions Rotterdam is proud to host many expositions by many famous artists.For instance graphic designers Evan Hecox Chocoalate and Andy Mueller Girl, painters Mark Gonzales, Ed Templeton and Lance Mountain + a group photographers from euromagazine
Kingpin bundle their powers to create one of the biggest skateboardphotography expositions ever. The
movie expositions will show 3 days of skatevideos, skateboard-related movies and the northern european premiere of ‘Lords of Dogtown’.

Talkshows/Forums, Parties and Concerts/Performances
A discussion about a certain run or result of the contest? Discussions between kid-skateboarders and old-school riders? Between a photographer and an architect? Allways
wanted to know about your the favourite videopart of your favourite rider? Rotterdam introduces the talkshow/forum with live audience. This will take place in club calypso,
which also helds a special homebase-area for competitors, vip’s and press to relax, check email and play videogames.
The 4-day party line-up is gigantic, starting on thursday with a performance by Ray Barbee+ band and ending on Sunday. Concert-night friday will be hosted by club Nighttown. National + International bands for instance Frank Hirata will be playing in 3 different
areas. Hiphop Saturday will be hosted by club Off_Corso.

Welcome to Rotterdam, hope to see you there.
For more info please check (launching may 30)