Vans/G-Shock Hawaiian Pro 2000 – Sunny Garcia Wins

Hawaii’s World Champ, Garcia, Wins G-Shock Hawaiian Pro

Haleiwa, Oahu, HAWAII – (Monday, November 20, 2000) ¿ It was a trulyHawaiian Pro at Haleiwa1s Ali1i Beach Park with Sunny Garcia and BongaPerkins taking first place in the G-Shock Hawaiian Pro and Bear HawaiianProLongboard Invitational respectively. Proving that it1s tough to beat aHawaiian in their home waters, Garcia led an all-Hawaiian final line-up andthe longboard went one-two with Perkins closely followed by Lance Ho1okano.

[IMAGE 1]Both Garcia and Perkins were untouchable as they carved their way throughthe rounds. Garcia even posted the highest heat score of the entirecompetition in the final, with 23.25 points out of a possible 30. While theinternational contenders did their best to find a winning combination ofequipment, wave selection and maneuvers, their best was not enough whenpitted against the support of a home crowd, local knowledge and fired-uptalent.

Haleiwa served up the best conditions of the week right on time today, 4-8foot waves and stiff off-shore winds opening up a full range of scores forcompetitors. Waves hung in for the duration of the day, allowing Garcia(Kauai) to fully deliver in the final, his best three waves coming in at8.75, 8.0. 6.5. Runner-up Kaipo Jaquias (Waipahu) came close early on withhis first wave a near-perfect 9.0, but his scores fell away after that.Third place was Brian Pacheco (Honolulu), and Kalani Robb (Kapolei) wasfourth.

[IMAGE 2]”I was just happy to get to surf in an all-Hawaiian final,” Garcia, 30,said. “Those are the guys I hang out with all the time, so it was insane.There was no hassling and everybody was just catching waves. Fortunatelyforme, I had three good ones while everyone else just had one or two.

“It was real important for me to win here in Hawaii, in front of my familyand a home crowd.

“I1m not planning on retiring any time soon. And now, hopefully with mebeing president of the WPS (World Professional Surfers) I1ll be able tobring up the prize money and make the sport a lot more lucrative. Hopefullyby the time I leave pro surfing it will be looked at as a professionalsport.

“So for all you people that think we1re just bums and we1re lazy, eat yourhearts out, because we1re making a good living doing what we love to do!”

In just its third year, the Bear Longboard Invitational set a new pace,witha series of rounds held in super challenging conditions. The field includedseven world longboarding champions, top rated professionals from around theworld and a group of hand-picked wildcards playing spoilers to the pack.

[IMAGE 3]”Last year I was second and this year I got first. I1ll take it,” saidPerkins. “I got that last wave off of Lance and it paid off big. I hatenail-biters, but that was the prime example. I would have to say my lastwave was the best ¿ that was the one that put me ahead.

“I always feel comfortable at this break. Everybody at this level wassurfing strong. There were no favorites coming into this event. There wereafew shock competitors who went down early.”

Behind Perkins and Ho1okano today, two US Mainland surfers pulled up theremaining placings with Cody Simpkins (Newport, CA.) in third and JoshBaxter (San Clemente, CA.) in fourth.

While this event does not count towards a world title, it is viewed by thecompetitors as the proving ground for future world champs, given that theymust perform in much bigger waves and more testing conditions than on offerelsewhere.

The Vans G-Shock Triple Crown of Surfing now moves along the North Shore ofOahu to Sunset Beach, which will host the men1s Rip Curl Cup and QuiksilverRoxy Pro, November 24 to December 7. The third and final stop of the Seriesis the 30th anniversary Mountain Dew Gerry Lopez Pipeline Masters, atPipeline, December 8-21.

The Vans G-Shock Triple Crown of Surfing is made possible through the proudsupport of Vans, Mountain Dew, G-Shock, PlayStation, Ford Ranger, RightGuard Xtreme Sport, Rolling Stone,, ESPN, Rip Curl, Quiksilver Roxy,Billabong, Surfrider Foundation, the Hawaii Visitors Bureau, and the ASP.