Vans/G-Shock Hawaiian Pro – Day One

Haleiwa, Oahu, HAWAII – (Monday, November 13, 2000) ¿ The 2000 Vans G-ShockTriple Crown of Surfing kicked off on the North Shore today with the men’sG-Shock Hawaiian Pro at Haleiwa’s Ali’i Beach Park.

Round one and the first seven heats of round two were held in clean threetofive foot waves with Hawaii’s Jason Shibata and Fred Pattachia gainingunanimous approval from the judges and the crowd as the standout surfers ofthe day.

[IMAGE 1]Armed with local knowledge and first class wave selection, 18-year-oldPattachia, a Haleiwa resident, was a round one success story. With waves alittle on the inconsistent side, experience with the Haleiwa lineup paidoffhighly and sent Pattachia into round two with plenty of momentum.(Pattachia’s round two heat is scheduled for the next day of competition.)

“Knowing the break definitely helps a lot,” Pattachia said after his roundone heat. “It’s a really tough contest because the best surfers in theworldare here for it. But local knowledge is a big bonus. You need to knowexactly where in the lineup to sit when it1s an inconsistent swell likethis.

“It’s great to have the local support too. It makes you really want to getout there and do well for them. I’ve also got some good friends competingtoo, so I’m also hoping they do well.”

Similarly, Aiea’s Jason Shibata looked comfortable and at home in the wavestoday, advancing with decisive wins in the first two rounds.

Defending G-Shock Hawaiian Pro champion Conan Hayes (Hawaii) was the shockelimination of the event so far, eliminated in fourth place in his secondround heat by Portugal’s Tiago Pires and Australian Kurt Jacobs. It was adisappointing start to the Vans Triple Crown for the Big Islander who wasshooting for the crown this winter.

Australian Zane Harrison made an impressive debut today, convincinglywinning his first round heat. An unknown when he arrived in Hawaii for theVans Triple Crown this time last year, Harrison departed as aninternationalsurf star after winning the Rip Curl Cup at Sunset Beach. This year his aimis to settle into a similar winning groove. His performance today leftlittle doubt about his ability.

[IMAGE 2]Advancing through to round three are Hawaii’s Roy Powers (Kauai), BruceIrons (Kauai), Joel Centeio (Kapolei) and Shibata. New Jersey’s DeanRandazzo put in a fantastic round one performance but was bumped out of thecompetition in the final seconds of his second round clash. The only USMainland surfer to progress to round three so far is Ryan Simmons.International surfers to make an impression and move through were LukeStedman (Australia), Simon Nicholson (South Africa), Chris Davidson(Australia), Kurt Jacobs (Australia), Heath Walker (Australia), and TiagoPires (Portugal).

Surf forecasts predict a small day of surf tomorrow and therefore apossiblelay-day in competition. However, the outlook is promising for Wednesday,with a big jump in surf expected.

The G-Shock Hawaiian Pro is the first event of the 2000 Vans G-Shock TripleCrown men’s series. It is a 5-star Association of Surfing Professionals(ASP) World Qualifying Series (WQS) event and will count toward this year’sVans Triple Crown title. Running in conjunction with this event will be thewomen’s G-Shock Hawaiian Pro, and the Bear Hawaiian Pro LongboardInvitational. The complete waiting period for these events is November12-22.

Following the G-Shock Hawaiian Pro, competition will move to Sunset Beachfor the men’s Rip Curl Cup and women’s Quiksilver Roxy Pro, November 24 ¿December 7. The last stop of the Vans Triple Crown will be the Mountain DewGerry Lopez Pipe Masters at Pipeline, December 8-21.

The Vans G-Shock Triple Crown of Surfing is made possible through the proudsupport of Vans, Mountain Dew, G-Shock, PlayStation, Ford Ranger, RightGuard Xtreme Sport (Gilette), Rolling Stone, ESPN/ESPN2, Rip Curl,Quiksilver Roxy, Billabong, Surfrider Foundation, the Hawaii VisitorsBureau, and the ASP.


RESULTS:Round One: (First three advance)H1: David Gonsalves (Haw), Roy Powers (Haw), Carlos Caberos (Brazil), JunJo(Haw), Sam Carrier (Aus), Takayuki Wakita (Jpn)

H2: Luke Stedman (Aus), Kamalei Alexander (Haw), Mick Fanning (Aus), KaheaHart (Haw), William Sue-A-Quan (Brz), Love Hodel (Haw)

H3: Dean Randazzo (USA), Jason Bogle (Haw), Grant Hudson (Aus), Matt Owens(Aus), Chad Depontes (Haw), Hira Teriinatoofa (Tah)

H4: Jason Shibata (Haw), Joel Centeio (Haw), Edgar Bishoff (Brz), AaronNaluai (Haw), Nainoa Surratt (Haw), Omar Etcheverry (USA)

H5: Kurt Nyholm (Aus), Dean Morrison (Aus), Drew Courtney (Aus), DarrenO1Rafferty (Aus), Aaron Fredette (Haw), Zen Yoshifuku (Haw)

H6: Tiago Pires (Port), Mikala Jones (Haw), Arnold Dowling (Haw), BlairStewart (NZ), Danny Fuller (Haw), Hank Mills (USA)

H7: Zane Harrison (Aus), Chris Ward (USA), Tamayo Perry (Haw), Braden Dias(Haw), Troy Brooks (Aus), Jesse Merle-Jones (Haw)

H8: Fred Pattachia (Haw), Jamie O1Brien (Haw), Matt Keenan (USA), MakuaRothman (Haw), Damon Nicholls (Aus), Joel Fitzgerald (Aus)

H9: David Weare (Safr), Naohisa Ogawa (Jpn), Isaac Kaneshiro (Haw), TetsuyaUrayama (Jpn), Trent Munro (Aus), John Gomes (Haw)

H10: Asher Nolan (USA), Sean Moody (Haw), Robin Johnston (Haw), Brian Labbe(Haw), Michael Ho (Haw), Lee Winkler (Aus)

H11: Wilson Nora (Brz), Paul Paterson (Aus), David Pinto (USA), DavidCantrell (Haw), Tom Whittaker (Aus), Dayton Segundo (Haw)

H12: Kaipo Jaquias (Haw), Masaki Harada (Jpn), Paulo Moura (Brz), AndrewKing (Aus), Shinpei Horiguchi (Jpn), Gavin Beschen (USA)

[IMAGE 3]Round Two: (First two advance)Only Heats 1-7 completed. Heat 8-16 held next day of competition

H1: Roy Powers (Haw), Carlos Caberos (Brz), David Gonsalves (Haw), DamonHarvey (Aus)

H2: Luke Stedman (Aus), Mikael Picon (Fra), Kamalei Alexander (Haw), EnekoAcero (Spn)

H3: Simon Nicholson (Aus), Bruce Irons (Haw), Dean Randazzo (USA), MickFanning (Aus)

H4: Chris Davidson (Aus), Ryan Simmons (USA), Jason Bogle (Haw), GrantHudson (Aus)

H5: Jason Shibata (Haw), Joel Centeio (Haw), Edgar Bishoff (Brz), RandallPaulson (Brz)

H6: Heath Walker (Aus), Dean Morrison (Aus), Steven Hughes, Kurt Nyholm(Aus)

H7: Tiago Pires (Port), Kurt Jacobs (Aus), Drew Courtney (Aus), Conan Hayes(Haw)

Heats to come:Round 2

H8: Kieran Perrow (Aus), Will Lewis (Aus), Mikala Jones (Haw), ArnoldDowling (Haw)

H9: Andy Irons (Haw), Zane Harrison (Aus), Chris Ward (USA), Tamayo Perry(Haw)

H10: Dan Malloy (USA), Tanio Barreto (NZ), Fred Pattachia (Haw), JamieO1Brien (Haw)

H11: Sasha Stocker (Aus), Shane Wehner (Aus), Matt Keenan (USA), DavidWeare(Safr)

H12: Joel Parkinson (Aus), Koby Abberton (Aus), Naohisa Ogawa (Jpn), IsaacKaneshiro (Haw)

H13: Mark Bannister (Aus), Asher Nolan (USA), Sean Moody (Haw), RobinJohnston (Haw)

H14: Christianno Spirro (Brz), Maz Quinn (NZ), Wilson Nora (Brz), PaulPaterson (Aus)

H15: Nathan Hedge (Aus), Kieran Horn (USA), David Pinto (USA), KaipoJaquias(Haw)

H16: Steve Clements (Aus), Phillip MacDonald (Aus), Masaki Harada (Jpn),Paulo Moura (Brz)

Round 3:

H1: Sunny Garcia (Haw), Mineto Ushikoshi (Jpn), Roy Powers (Haw), CarlosCabeiros (Brz)

H2: Ben Bourgeois (USA), Shawn Sutton (Haw), Luke Stedman (Aus), MikaelPicon (Fra)

H3: Shane Beschen (USA), Myles Padaca (Haw), Simon Nicholson (Safr), BruceIrons (Haw)

H4: Beau Emerton (Aus), Keith Malloy (USA), Chris Davidson (Aus), RyanSimmons (USA)

H5: Shea Lopez (USA), Derek Ho (Haw), Jason Shibata (Haw), Joel Centeio(Haw)

H6: Pat O1Connell (USA), Paul Canning (Safr), Heath Walker (Aus), DeanMorrison (Aus)

H7: Kalani Robb (Haw), Shane Powell (Aus), Tiago Pires (Port), Kurt Jacobs(Aus)H8: Ross Williams (Haw), Yuri Sodre (Brz) plus two others
H9: Luke Egan (Aus), Bryan Pacheco (Haw), plus two others
H10: Armando Daltro (Brz), Damien Hobgood (USA), plus two others
H11: Victor Ribas (Brz), Richard Lovett (Aus), plus two others
H12: Danny Wills (Aus), Toby Martin (Aus), plus two others
H13: Shane Dorian (Haw), Pancho Sullivan (Haw), plus two others
H14: Glyndyn Ringrose (aus), Renan Rocha (Brz), plus two others
H15: Michael Lowe (Aus), Liam McNamara (Haw), plus two others
H16: Todd Prestage (Aus), Taylor Knox (USA), plus two othersrtin (Aus), plus two others
H13: Shane Dorian (Haw), Pancho Sullivan (Haw), plus two others
H14: Glyndyn Ringrose (aus), Renan Rocha (Brz), plus two others
H15: Michael Lowe (Aus), Liam McNamara (Haw), plus two others
H16: Todd Prestage (Aus), Taylor Knox (USA), plus two others