Volcom Files To Go Public

Costa Mesa-based Volcom announced on May 2 it had filed to go public on the Nasdaq stock exchange, to be listed by the ticker symbol VLCM. Rumors of the IPO had been floating around the industry for months, although Volcom management refused to acknowledge the rumors or provide any details.

Some may see the IPO as a natural evolution of the company, which has been steadily growing since its inception in 1991 but more recently has been on a sales-growth tear.

The company reported its 2004 revenues at 113.2-million dollars, compared to 76.3-million for 2003 and 57-million in 2002. 2004 revenues showed a 48.4-percent increase from the year before. Also of note is its 2004 net income, ringing in at 24.6-million compared to 14.3-million in 2003 and 7.6-million in 2002.

Volcom has been operating up until the offering as an