Where the Birds and the Bees Get Buzzed Together | The Saint Archer x VonZipper Collaboration


“Where the Birds and the Bees Get Buzzed Together” includes brew-inspired special-edition sunglasses and snowboard goggles

On May 6, 2016, eyewear enthusiasts VonZipper and action-sports influenced brewery Saint Archer kicked off their new partnership with the launch party for their special-edition collection, “Where the Birds and the Bees Get Buzzed Together.” The night kicked off at Saint Archer’s brewery in Miramar, CA., where fans and industry movers gathered together to celebrate the launch. Included in the collaboration were two special-edition beers, the Black Lager and Honey Blonde. Both beers were served the night of the launch party, and inspired the color ways of the sunglasses and goggles that make up the collaboration.

The partnership between Saint Archer and VonZipper is one born out of a shared appreciation of having a good time, and making a great product. Both brands are infamous for what they offer the market, from quality eyewear to beer that you just can’t stop drinking.

VonZipper is known for creating “Big Brother and Little Brother” styles of glasses- the same frame construction influences both models, but the “Little Brother” model is a smaller, streamlined version of its “Big Brother” counterpart. For their collaboration with Saint Archer, the eyewear company decided to do something a little different: for this collection, they debuted “Brother” and a “Sister” frame style- the Levee and the Lula. Both frames are modeled after the same shape, but each features feminine and masculine touches, respectively.The sunglasses are currently in the market.

For their second component of the collab, VonZipper is releasing two limited-edition snowboarding goggles, the Cleaver and the Fishbowl, which will land in the market around the first of August. Each of the goggles is designed with blown-up artwork of the Saint Archer logo, and are adorned with additional Saint Archer touches.

The brewery was covered in the custom artwork that VonZipper’s creative team put together, and included a short film as well.

Transworld Business caught up with VonZipper at the event to dive into how the collection got started, what went into the creative partnership, and where fans can get their hands on a pair of the special edition release.

What does the collaboration between Saint Archer and VonZipper involve?

Combining influences from the Saint Archer brand story and beer offering with our brand's playful irreverence and thought-provoking styles, this collaboration celebrates our appreciation for drinking tasty beverages and enjoying deep, rich storytelling with friends. Throughout 2016, we will be releasing this collection in both sunglasses and snow goggles.

How did the two brands start their partnership?

Both brands share many similarities in regards to how each got started and the importance placed upon providing strong brand stories to back premium product offerings. When the opportunity for this collaboration presented itself, it was a bit of a no-brainer for VonZipper. Coming off the strong success of our "I ♥ Beer" collection, the Saint Archer collaboration provided us with an exciting evolution to that storytelling and introduced us to some new friends that we've enjoyed partnering with.

What products will be included in the collaboration?

For the initial spring/summer launch, the collaboration is available in two newly released sunglass styles, the Levee and the Lula. This brother/sister combination takes an inverse color inspiration from Saint Archer's very own Black Lager and Honey Blonde Ale.

Our second offering will land this fall/winter in our Cleaver and Fishbowl snow goggles. These styles celebrate the pairing of our two brands in a seamless execution as tasteful as the Saint Archer beer on tap at your local bar!

Throughout the entire collaboration, there are subtle teases of the brand story "Where the Birds and the Bees Get Buzzed Together," as well as a limited edition bottle opener offered as a gift-with-purchase (GWP).

Where will these special-edition collab products be sold? Specifically, which retail channels, and specific regions will the product be sold in?

The collaboration is being sold throughout our key accounts globally, as well as a limited offering on e-commerce. Our messaging for this campaign will strike a balance between pointing consumers to brick-and-mortar and driving an experience on vonzipper.com.

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