VQS Sea Slug – Zuma Beach

VQS Sea Slug Surf Series
Saturday June 1st, 2002
Zuma Beach
Surf 3-6 feet

The first event of the 2002 VQS started off with the Sea Slug at Zuma Beach with hollow waves and 72 amped competitors of all ages battling out for all sorts of cash and prizes. With the sun making a showing thru the June gloom in time for the finals, all had a good time.

[IMAGE 1]In the Groms division final there were a couple of new Sea Slug finalists mixed with a couple of veteran finalists. In the end the experience won out and Matt Mohagen took the win beating out Cory Arrambide for the early season ratings lead and the all-important invite to the VQS Championship.

The Juniors division was a hard fought battle from the start. With obstacles such as pool toys to maneuver around and the tide on the rise, the juniors made a great showing. The final was all Colin Dodgson. Picking off a 7 on his second ride he continued the pace and took the prizes away from Bummy and newcomer Scott Dunton.


The Open division was a surprise as the person everyone had their money on finished 2nd. Nate Tyler after a slow start in his first heat set a pace nobody could match and took the win and the $150 in prize money. Nate found the waves with face and blasted a few turns making his friends proud and the judges job easy. In second was Yves Bright taking home $50.

Winning the Air show and getting the custom Sea Slug Air Hat was Bummy with an alley-op that earned him $50 bucks as well.

Thanks to all the Co-Sponsors; Transworld SURF, Surfing Magazine, Bullys Leashes, Sector 9, Illennium, Smith, Globe, Future Fin Systems, Famous Wax, A.S.T., Vita Water, Cliff Bar, Body Glove, Barker Surfboards, and Freestyle Watches.


1st. Matt Mohagen
2nd. Cory Arrambide
3rd. Timmy Pfannestiel
4th. Garrett Carpenter
5th. Cody Setzer
6th. Dustin Willans

1st. Colin Dodgson
2nd Bummy Koepenick
3rd. Scott Dunton
4th Bryan Schmidt
5th Matt Mayer
6th Franklin Tesoro

1st. Nate Tyler
2nd. Yves Bright
3rd. Chad Labass
4th. Nick Nevarez
5th. Robert Weiner
6th Adam Swanson

1st Bummy Koepenick
2nd. Nick Nevarez
3rd. Nate Tyler