Vuckovich Makes History Again

Upcoming magazine, The Skateboard Mag, gets its first subscriber.

Former TransWorld SKATEBoarding Business Editor Miki Vuckovich was the very first subscriber to TransWorld SKATEBoarding way back in 1983, and twenty years later, he is also the first subscriber to The Skateboard Mag.

The magazine, backed by Flatspot Publishing Company, is scheduled to be launched in the spring of 2003 and is spearheaded by former TransWorld SKATEboarding staff members Grant Brittain, Dave Swift, and Atiba Jefferson.

Vuckovich, now the associate producer at Fountain Valley, California-based ON Video magazine, made up his own makeshift subscription card for The Skateboard Mag and mailed it in to subscribe-once again making history as the first subscriber to the magazine made up by former TransWorld legends. “I just sort of made it and mailed it in,” he recently explained at a dinner to honor Brittain’s dedication to TransWorld SKATEboarding over the years.

Other former TransWorld staff at The Skateboard Mag include Mike Mihaly, Kevin Wilkins, Jon Humphries, Brian Uyeda, Ryan Gee, Peggy Cozens, Dianne Lauder, and Stacey Swift among others.

Art direction of the magazine will be headed up by Sole Technologies Art Director Ako Jefferson, Atiba’s brother.

“It’s almost like it’s Miki’s tradition to be the first subscriber,” jokes TransWorld SKATE filmer Jon Holland. -SH