Watch Out For The Powder Pigs

Blizzard Babies wear tights, Snowboard Beavers break dance, and Powder Pigs put snow in your pants. If this all sounds a little childish, you’re right. But the new Snow Monsters video was designed to get kids interested in snow safety.

The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) and SIRDAR, Jack Turner’s marketing and production company located in Durango, Colorado, have agreed to jointly develop the Snow Monsters national ski and snowboard program for children.

“Our industry needs to reach out to kids and their families with images that convey the fun of snowboarding and skiing,” says Rob Linde, NSAA’s director of marketing. “In the case of Snow Monsters, we are also sending positive messages about safety, courtesy, and the ‘your responsibility code.'”

Snow Monsters, created and developed by Turner, is a story about two kids, Hannah and Grady, and their first day on the mountain. The kids make friends with Snowball, the snow tiger, who shows them what a day on the slopes is like. Along the way, Snowball introduces the kids to the delightful array of characters.

According to Turner, the video makes kids want to snowboard and ski: “To sit and tell a kid not to jump is like telling a kid to not jump in the mud. So instead of falls being bad, falls are good, and characters such as the Snow Snakes help them.”

Major artists such as John Lee Hooker and Big Head Todd and The Monsters accompany the action. “Kids can’t stand Barney music,” says Turner.

According to the agreement between NSAA and SIRDAR, all NSAA member resorts can show the Snow Monsters video at the mountain and local schools. Turner also says there is an FCC-approved television version that could take the place of cartoons at resorts.

Videotapes and coloring books are available from SIRDAR for resort retail sales. For more information, call Turner at: (970) 247-3435.

-Aaron Checkwood