Where’s Wardo premieres at La Paloma

Chris Ward was spotted last night (March 4) at La Paloma theater in Encinitas, California. It was really no surprise that he was there, considering that Rusty and Poor Specimen were premiering the movie that chronicles his around-the-world adventures for the past couple of years.

[IMAGE 1]Rusty’s year-long “Where’s Wardo?” marketing campaign has culminated into a tight, twenty-minute video, chockfull of thick barrels, heavy music, and candid interviews of the mysterious, elusive, and … err … well-spoken San Clemente native.

The movie follows Ward throughout his recent adventures in West Oz, Europe, Indo, Mexico, South Africa, and Hawai’i. Interspersed are outtakes of Ward discussing surfing and his automobile mishap in Australia where he totaled a brand-new car trying to follow another one that was going really, really fast (and showing us that he knows how to say “Fuck.”).

If Ezekiel’s “The Calling” is all about left-hand barrels, then Rusty’s “Where’s Wardo” is all about the rights: large J-Bay, The Box, Backdoor, Sumatra, and a Sandspit-esque mysto dredger (Pipe also had a starring role). Maybe being a regular-foot isn’t so bad after all.

[IMAGE 2]Ward’s sections are broken up with highlights from Shane Beschen, the Hobgoods, Cory Lopez, Flea, and Andy Irons. The soundtrack — full of driving heavy metal mixed with hip-hop from DJ Greyboy and bands like Linkin Park — fits perfectly with the feel of the movie.

If you’ve ever wondered just how many of those huge airs are landed, “Where’s Wardo?” answers your questions — the biggest boosts often ended with the biggest splashes. Some noticed that the color seemed washed out (have all those surf-video premieres at La Paloma finally done in the projector?).

But “Where’s Wardo?” was short but sweet — hardly a dull moment, and Ward earns a lot of respect for pulling into meaty barrels.

The premiere included two showings: a general- admission showing at 7:00 p.m. and a special VIP/Industry showing at 8:30 p.m. Both showings were cosponsored by DVS. Following the second show, the masses stomped over to Martini Ranch for an after party with DJ Greyboy — but some of the crew only made it as far as the Rusty RV parked out in front (free beer inside).

“Where’s Wardo?” videos and DVDs will be distributed by Poor Specimen and go on sale this month at selected surf shops and retailers throughout the U.S. and abroad.