Women’s Fall/Holiday Fashion – Fox

Key trends found in Fox's women's fall/holiday apparel are shirring, slashing and stripes. The line also features some design elements inspired by moto like chains, stitching, hardware and TPRs.

What is Fox doing differently this season for women's fashions?

Focusing on key categories and items rather than a collection by delivery. We are balancing graphics and art with dimensional branding and rebranding the handbag line by introducing new design lines and hardware influenced by the Fox moto heritage.

What are some key design influences or inspirations?

The Fox Girl, her lifesyle, and her aspirations act as the influence and inspiration for our line.

What were some of the most successful trends/ styles from last season that you have carried over?

Fleece is always the backbone of our Fall/Holiday seasons and there is a lot of newness offered in that category for this year.

-Danette Drake, Director of Merchanding, Junior's, Fox Head Inc.

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