Women’s Fall/Holiday Fashion – Element

With ongoing awareness and appreciation of earth, the Fall 2011 collection translates nature’s textures into thick cocoon slubs, light sheer wovens, novelty laced knits and coated cottons. Earth tones of birch and stone, with pops of mulberry and Neptune blue, uphold adventure and exploration of the land, while creative fabrications bring interest to the unique perspectives awakened in these ventures.

The Fall 2011 Collection upholds the beauty beneath a softly knitted sweater and warmth of a well-designed coat. With the fall season comes inspiration to style each piece around these categories as one embraces an ongoing journey to venture the land.

What are some of your key design inspirations?

Inspired by innovation and restoration, the Fall 2011 collection remains rooted in the freedom of expression and embrace of nature, with continued growth in the knowledge of change.

What past designs have carried over into this new line?

Known for our cocoon slub yarn, each year our sweaters are sought out for their soft hand and textured variety. Continually updating designs with novelty buttons, unique hemlines and special detail, the collection continues to grow each season. From this category has come inspiration to bring in a group of costs that too embodies quality design appeal through  the durable function of wool blends and coated cottons, without abandoning the beauty in fashion.

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