Women’s Fall/Holiday Fashion – Jedidiah

Jedidiah focuses on unique custom knits for its women’s line.  You will see a number of looser fitting bodies paired with super soft fabrications.  The graphics showcase a handful of original illustrations and design elements revolving around our inspiration.

What is Jedidiah doing differently this season for women’s apparel?

For the first time, we’ve introduced some great dresses into the line.  Our light weight button front denim dress has gotten a lot of love as well as our burnout jersey asymmetrical tank dress.

What are some key design influences or inspirations?

Graphically, our inspiration for this line came from our non-profit partner for the season, Stand Up for Kids.  We traveled around the country with the StandUp for Kids team, meeting with leaders from the organization in Los Angeles, New York City and Miami. We met with a lot of the kids that StandUp for Kids is working with currently, and they showed us their lives in the cities we visited – where they live, sleep and congregate. Photographer Ryan Booth documented our journey, which served as the inspiration for these collections.

What successful trends/styles have carried over from past seasons into this one?

Our loose fit heather burnout scoop neck tee had a great response last season so we carried forward that  body style, introducing new graphics. Our hand rendered, original graphics are what seem to push our women’s line, so there is much more of that coming out of the pipeline.

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