Women’s Fall/Holiday Fashion – LIRA

For LIRA, Fall 2011 brings to life a full Women's Collection brewed of Outerwear, Fashion Tops, Denim and multiple Graphic Bodies.

What is LIRA doing differently this season for women’s apparel?

Our signature Women's Outerwear returns in Fall 2011 with its expansion in Vegan Leathers, Wool Jackets, Peacoats & Military Themes

What are some key design influences or inspirations?

LIRA Clothing continually searches less frequented origins for new Fabrics, Bodies & Trims to inspire its Women's Collection

What successful trends/styles have carried over from past seasons into this one?

Previous success of Vegan Leather & Vast Fabrics in Fashion Tops will be ever present in the expansion of the Women's Fall 2011 Collection

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