Women’s Fall/Holiday Fashion – Oakley

This season Oakley has used a variety of technical fabrics that protect and provide confort and longevity to the wearer. We have also used articulation and ergonomic seaming to enhance the female figure while allowing peak performance in the garments. You will find discoverable art, pockets and features on our sweaters, jackets, and bottoms across all our categories of business.

What is Oakley doing differently this season for women's apparel?

This season we have made our lifestyle apparel more functional.  It is the introduction of "tech lifestyle"; garments with technical fabrics and properties, meant to be worn on the mountain and look good apres or on days you aren't even skiing or snowboarding.  The clothes are meant to enhance the riders comfort and mobility yet preserve their individual style so they can perform beautifully.

What are some key influences or inspirations for this season?

Our design theme was the "snowmad" and their need to evolve with their ever changing environment.  We designed for the athlete or individual who has to repurpose, redesign or reinvent their equipment or clothing to protect them in harsh climates for sport and adventure. We were solving problems for the wearer like extreme temperatures, wet climate, need for mobility, layering to adapt to changes in weather, sun protection etc…

What successful trends/styles from last season have carried over into this season?

We looked to nature for prints and stripes that looked like glaciers and tire tracks in the snow. We also used a color palette from nature and the colors of ice and the night sky in the winter.  Stripes, organic prints and sophisticated colors will evolve into S'12.