Women’s Fall/Holiday Fashion – Red Dragon

For 2011 Red Dragon focused on light weight fabrics with a nice drape or hang. An over-sized boyfriend look, with a throw-back to the early ninetys.

What is Red Dragon doing differently for women's apparel this season?
We didn't do many things differently; I'd have to say we added to our existing style, applying trends that are conducent with the natural climate of the season.

What are some key design influences or inspirations this season?
We have four distinct seasons per year in Canada, so that gives us the opportunity to design for these seasons.  Nature becomes an important factor in designing each collection, while still pulling for the urban appeal of the city.

What successful trends/ styles from past seasons have carried over into this season?
In the women’s collection there has been a huge shift away from graphic styled items.  More subtle zip and pull over hoods have moved the front of our fleece sales.  As well, inexpensive items, such as Bandeau bras and leggings, have made a big impact in the sales of our accessory line. We'll be integrating more pieces like those into future lines.

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