Women’s Fall/Holiday Fashion – Vans

Fabric washes and textures are very important for the season, while the color palette is more sophisticated with dark tones along with pops of blues.For Vans, the special feature in our collection includes our Made in USA denim which is made in the states with rich fabric that can be found in other contemporary brands retailing around $60.

What is Vans doing differently for women's apparel this season?

We’ve put a lot of importance in approaching our line from a collection point of view with an emphasis on outerwear and layering. Everything in the collection can be worn together and interpreted differently based on the ability to mix and match to someone’s personal style.

What are some key design influences or inspirations this season?

For the fall season we were inspired by the rocker military vibe as well as clean lines and cuts of beatnik style.

What successful trends/ styles from past seasons have you carried over into this season?

Fashion fleece silhouettes remain a successful trend, while our Fashion tees with Vans heritage graphics, hats and bags in a variety of shapes continue to be strong styles in every collection.

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