World Splits From Dwindle

Owners decide World Industries is big enough to go it alone.

World Industries came of age this June when parent company Dwindle Distribution established World Industries, Inc. to manage the brand independently. The transition will occur over the next year, resulting in a complete separation of World from Dwindle, which retains the A-Team, Darkstar, Blind, City Stars, Speed Demons, and Axion brands.

“Given the growth of all the brands distributed by Dwindle, it has gotten tougher to dedicate enough attention to all of them successfully,” said Dwindle CEO Frank Messman. “Separating Dwindle from the World Industries brand will allow us to provide added attention to all of the other brands at Dwindle.”

Former Dwindle CFO Scott Drouillard left to serve as CEO at World Industries, Inc. Steve Rocco, who founded the World Industries brand in 1988, retains a minority share in the new company and will continue to influence the brand. Details about the new organization were not disclosed at press time, but Drouillard said World remains dedicated to the ‘core skateboard market, and its snowboard program will be unchanged. “Being wholly focused on World Industries as the sole brand of our company will allow us to service our customer base and all the other important parties that much better,” he said, adding that every possible arrangement was considered before Dwindle management decided to split the companies outright.

Joining Drouillard at World are Sales Manager Rima Romero and Art Director Marc McKee, creator of the Devilman, Flameboy, and Wet Willy characters. In addition to Rocco’s continued participation in the World Industries brand, Drouillard said that there will be a “tremendous amount of interaction” between the Dwindle and World staffs over the next twelve months.

Rocco insists that the separation is a positive development that will result in better service and better products: “I’ll be at Dwindle, I’m still gonna help World. We’re all friends, we’re doing what we love to do, and that’s that!”

Dwindle Distribution remains in its El Segundo, California location, while the new World Industries, Inc. offices are located about 40 miles south in Huntington Beach.