Your Chance To Be In A Skateboarding Video

The makers of Skateboarding saved my life!, a documentary narrated by Mike Vallely, want to show every side of skateboarding. They are seeking good-quality video footage from sponsored and unsponsored skaters to include in the project.

Skateboarding Saved My Life seeks to explore how outside forces, like the government, are influencing the direction of skateboarding. The creators of the project, Rob Rundquist and Woody Donahue, along with videographer Mark “Mavis” Davis have brought Mike Vallely on-board to narrate the video, and have been busy compiling skate footage and interviews with other top pros—past and present—as well as industry veterans.

Rundquist, Donahue, and Davis are looking for footage that captures the essence of skateboarding, the emotion and dedication, as well as good tricks. Send footage on VHS or DV tapes before July 1, 2000. Please include the names of the skaters, a signed letter giving the film makers permission to use the footage in the documentary, and all your contact information. Contributors will be credited, but not paid for their footage. Get more info at

Send footage to:
Skateboarding Saved My Life!
12835 Kling St. #12
Studio City, CA 91604
Attn: Robert Rundquist