4 excellent adventures on Airbnb, hosted by local experts

Earlier this year, professional big-wave surfer Mark Mathews offered a unique experience on Airbnb. For $400, he would take you to surf the infamous wave known as Cape Fear, or Ours, in Sydney.

For your money, you got a 20-minute Jet Ski ride from near Mathews’ home to the break. Once there, he would tow you personally into the waves during a three-hour session as well as provide tips on the best way not to die. Wetsuits, life jackets and snacks were all provided.

The type of view that 400 bucks gets you. Photo: Courtesy of Red Bull

However, Mathews’ wild ride isn’t the only one on offer on Airbnb. Their experience channel offers a myriad of amazing adventures all around the world, each hosted by a local with unique skills and insider knowledge. If surfing Ours doesn’t float your boat, what about these?

Malibu Surf and Sleep Under the Stars

Quinn Carson, far right, guides his guest in the Los Angeles wilderness. Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

Still in the surf realm, but far less terrifying, Quinn Carson offers a three-day experience surfing and camping on the Malibu, California, coast for $349 per person. An icebreaker night at a Venice Beach bar is followed by a surf lesson the next day. Post-surf, you head into Malibu Creek State Park for beers around a bonfire and a night camping under the stars.

The founder of Eat Sleep Surf, a company that provides tours of famous surf breaks, Carson is a surf guide with extensive knowledge of Los Angeles’ off-the-beaten-path spots. Aimed at beginner to intermediate surfers, each trip is unique with an itinerary determined by the weather, the surf and the group’s ability.

Miami Duskriding

Another set of happy Duskriders. Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

If surfing isn’t your thing, maybe a series of evening cycling tours of the hidden delights of Miami might work. Called Duskrider, the rides are hosted by Sarah Raw, a cycling enthusiast, blogger and the co-founder of the Monday Night Mash, an institution in the Miami cycling community.

The first evening involves a night of mingling and partying with locals in Wynwood, the second a sunset bike ride over the Venetian Causeway, while the third is to a mystery location described only as “iconic.” It’s a great way to get under the skin of Miami and to meet like-minded pedal-powered souls. The total cost is $225 per person.

Havana Nightclub Tours

Dancing the night away in Havana. Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

There’s singing and dancing in Havana, and then there’s three days under the wing of Meiby, an award-winning vocalist and dancer who also is an expert in Cuba’s rich musical history.

Over three nights, she will chaperone you to the best cocktail bars, restaurants, jazz clubs and rooftop concerts in a bohemian-fueled celebration of the best Cuban music of the past and present. The $120 is surely worth the access, the education and the feeling that you are getting the rare chance to sway to the very origins of Havana’s deep rhythms.

Train with a Samurai

Tetsuro Shimaguchi prepares for training. Photo: Courtesy of Airbnb

Always wanted to be a samurai warrior, but didn’t know where to start? Well, here is your chance. You’ll be trained Tetsuro Shimaguchi, a Tokyo-based samurai artist and choreographer who has worked on movies such as “Kill Bill.”

Over three days and a total of six hours, Shimaguchi will instruct you in the way of a traditional warrior. By the end, you should be able to swing, strike a pose, spar with a partner and choreograph your samurai sword to provide the maximum amount of drama and excitement. It’s not cheap at $448 a person, but how can you put a price on mastering an ancient art?

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