7 of the quirkiest places to stay in Canada

Why stay in a regular hotel when you can stay in a tree house? How about a suspended loft above a lake or a yurt next to howling wolves?

All of these places provide a wonderful night’s sleep, plus a few fun excursions to enjoy during the day. And they are all in the breathtaking country of Canada.

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Between the mountainous scenery, alpine lakes and action sports (plus some of the friendliest people you’ll meet), Canada should be on your “next big trip” list. These places to stay will make your adventure even more memorable.

Cabins, Aventuraid, Quebec

One of multiple accommodations at Adventuraid that let you get up close and personal with wolves.

One of multiple accommodations at Adventuraid that let you get up close and personal with wolves. Photo: Mattie Schuler

Imagine waking up to the howls of wolves, then popping up in your bed to see them just outside your window. At Aventuraid in Quebec, which has three enclosures with three packs of gray and arctic wolves, there are cabins right next to the enclosures, along with a traditional-style yurt.

During your stay, you can also interact with the wolves with Aventuraid’s Wolf Experience. This lets you enter the enclosure of one pack to observe, pet and even get some wolf licks. During the winter, enjoy a dogsled excursion; during the summer, explore the lands and lakes by canoe.

Village Sur Lac Roberval, Quebec


The Village Sur Lac Roberval, complete with a 1-kilometer skating rink. Photo: Mattie Schuler

Take tiny-house living to the extreme at the Village Sur Lac Roberval — the extreme cold, that is. Every winter, once the 407-square-mile Lac Saint Jean freezes over, the tiny houses move in to make their own community that surrounds a kilometer-long ice rink.

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Near the end of February, you can catch the finish of the 18-mile fat-bike race across the lake nearby — or even give it a try yourself.

Rustic Cabin, Bella Coola, British Columbia


A cozy cabin in the valley of Bella Coola designed and built by the owner of BC Grizzly Tours. Photo: Courtesy of BC Grizzly Tours

The log cabins at BC Grizzly Tours are nestled in the valley of Bella Coola, but you won’t find yourself staying inside for too long. The area boasts plenty of adventures to check out.

Enjoy rafting and grizzly viewing on the Bella Coola or Atnarko rivers, heli hike the local trails, which offer spectacular views of Mount Saugstad, or trek into the backcountry for even more remote wilderness.

Floating Loft, Equinox Aventure, Quebec

Vue natur (C)igloft

Float on Lac Saint Jean in the iLoft. Photo: Courtesy of Equinox Aventures

The quaint floating iLoft on Lac Saint Jean has a see-through dome to let guests fully experience the lake and its miraculous sunsets and nighttime stars.

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The best way to get there? By kayak. Equinox Aventure offers two-day, one-night excursions where you can paddle to numerous beaches along the islands.

Train car, Royal Canadian Pacific, Alberta


The ride of a lifetime through Canada’s Rockies with Royal Canadian Pacific. Photo: Courtesy of Royal Canadian Pacific

There might be no better way to see the vast terrain that the Canadian Rockies has to offer. The luxury Royal Canadian Rockies Experience is a seven-day, six-night trip that takes you to Lake Louise, Banff, Crowsnest Pass and Frank Slide.

Another train experience includes the Royal Fly-Fishing Adventure, with tour highlights such as Columbia Valley and Yoho National Park.

Treehouse, Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux, Quebec

1673 Sphère Camo_James DERAPS

This tree-nest fits up to four people. Photo: Courtesy of Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux

Not only can you stay in a tree house 26 feet above the ground or in a suspended fiberglass sphere, but Parc Aventures Cap Jaseux also has plenty of activities to keep you busy. Get high on the Via Ferrata or the Fjord High Ropes course, then rent a sea kayak for a sunrise or sunset paddle.

Free Spirit Spheres, Vancouver Island


The Melody Sphere at Free Spirit Spheres. Photo: Courtesy of Free Spirit Spheres

At Free Spirit Spheres, enjoy a night in a tree house set in a natural forest environment. The spheres range from about 9 to 10.5 feet in diameter and are accessible via a spiral staircase and an elevated walkway.

You can also visit nearby Nanaimo for diving, mountain biking, kayaking, fishing and hiking.