Big-mountain snowboarder Jeremy Jones speaks out against coal industry

Plus M Productions Andy, Eric, and Robin deep in coal country during the film's initial research trip.Photo courtesy of Momenta.

Plus M Productions in coal country during the initial research trip. Photo courtesy of Momenta

Snowboarders are no longer standing on the sidelines in the fight against climate change. Protect Our Winters, an advocacy group founded by big-mountain snowboarding legend Jeremy Jones, and Plus M Productions have teamed up to shed light on the environmental impact of coal mining in Wyoming.

The Powder River Basin coal project in Wyoming is creating environmental pollution that affects everyone—not just those in the immediate area. If the billions of tons of coal found in this area are mined and sold off to Asia as planned, the carbon emissions produced could be catastrophic to future generations, according to the film’s trailer. The damage could create irreversible impacts on our global climate—and our future snowfall levels for years to come.

While the documentary’s scale is far-reaching, the group has only completed 10 percent of it so far, which is why Jones and Co. are turning to Kickstarter to raise money to complete the project.

Take a look below to see what it’s all about.