The case for Oregon’s southern coast

Everyone ponders pulling the rip cord and escaping the rat race at some point. It’s a natural human impulse. Yet very few have the courage to follow through with the urge. Among the many mental barriers to overcome is figuring out where else to go. Will Brady remembers the feeling. But roughly 30 years ago he made the case for southern Oregon to his high school sweetheart, Liz, and fortunately, she was willing to give it a try.

Her first experience with this pristine coastline did the rest of the persuading. Will took her to several of the isolated beaches he found while in college, when he’d make regular runs to the coast for windsurfing sessions. The vast majority of his haunts aren’t visible from the lonely stretch of highway, so Will was essentially letting Liz in on one of the country’s best kept secrets. And to this day, the coast of southern Oregon is as stunning as ever. “It really hasn’t changed much,” says Will. “When you’re four hours away from the nearest airport, things tend to stay the same.”

And from where we’re sitting the same looks pretty damn good. Will and Liz own the Floras Lake Bed & Breakfast, and operate a kiteboarding school. Here’s a little glimpse of what life on the southern coast of Oregon looks like.

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