Check out the scariest glass walkways across the globe

While nearly every major monument around the world offers some sort of walking tour, experienced travelers recognize the value in getting up close and personal with the sites they visit.

Sure, it can be fascinating to hear a tour guide tell you something you might not have known, but forming an intimate bond with the places you go on a face-to-face basis allows you a deeper appreciation. With that in mind, architects have built countless glass walkways over, around and alongside some of the world’s biggest tourist locales to give visitors a unique perspective.

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Here are the craziest glass walkways from around the globe that will allow you to indulge your inner thrill-seeking wanderlust.

Haohan Qiao, China

When a bridge earns the nickname “Brave Man’s Bridge” and has entire YouTube video montages dedicated to documenting people freaking out while crossing it (see above), it’s pretty easy to imagine that it isn’t exactly a walk in the park.

Even so, a cursory glance at the insanity that is China’s Haohan Qiao bridge makes it seem less like a functional route of travel and more like the fever dream of a madman architect:

At 984 feet long, suspended 590 feet above the ground and made entirely of glass, the Haohan Qiao offers adrenaline junkies the opportunity to get a killer view of the Shiniuzhai National Geological Park in China’s Hunan Province while also raising their heart rates.

Grand Canyon Skywalk, Arizona

Grand Canyon glass walkways skydeck

Sure, you might not be Evel Knievel, but the Grand Canyon Skywalk lets you feel like him. Photo: Courtesy of Viator/Flickr

Fun fact: Despite the legendary stuntman’s hell-bent insistence on attempting the insanely dangerous feat, Evel Knievel never actually jumped the Grand Canyon. The United States Interior Department denied him airspace.

But fret not. Thanks to the Grand Canyon Skywalk, opened in 2007, you can experience the feeling of flying over the Grand Canyon without having to worry about little things like breaking every bone in your body or fitting into a star-spangled leather jumpsuit.

Elevated 4,770 feet above the base of the national park, the horseshoe-shaped glass bridge lets you safely view the Grand Canyon in all of its majesty. Plus, if you really want to, you can walk across it while wearing the Evel Knievel jumpsuit (though the other visitors might find it slightly off-putting).

Glacier Skywalk, Alberta

Glacier Skywalk

The Glacier Skywalk is just like the Grand Canyon Skywalk in the United States, only friendlier. Photo: Courtesy of Glacier Skywalk

Outside of great maple syrup and the band Rush, Canada also offers visitors some of the most beautiful natural scenery in all of North America. So why not take in the Great White North while also feeling your heartbeat in your throat?

The Glacier Skywalk, located in Jasper National Park in Alberta, allows you the opportunity to do just that. The semicircular glass-bottom walkway is suspended 918 feet above the glacier-formed valleys and rushing waterfalls of the Canadian Rockies, allowing you an overhead perspective of one of the most unique ecosystems on the continent.

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