The cost of flying with a surfboard

Flying with a surfboard

Before you hop on a flight to your next surf vacation,check out our list of boardbag fees. Photo: edart18/Twenty20

With Labor Day upon us, many will be piling into airports and flying off to visit loved ones or to just get away. And while there seems to be an app for every aspect of airline travel from finding the cheapest flights to counteracting jet lag, as any surfer will attest, one aspect of flying has yet to be simplified: the cost of flying with a surfboard.

Luckily, the people at took the time to put together a comprehensive list of board bag fees for every airline to help out with your holiday travels.

Turns out, South African Airways, Qantas, Virgin Atlantic/Australia, and Hawaiian Airlines will all fly your board for free, given it doesn’t exceed certain dimensions.

Also, Jetblue only charges $50 per board and Southwest only asks $75.

But unfortunately, if for some reason you’re trying to surf on the relatively unknown waves in the Adriatic Sea, you’re in trouble. Adria Airways will charge you €300 to fly a surfboard to Slovenia and Air Croatia will charge €200. If you’re flying in the states, steer clear of United: They can charge up to $200 depending on where you’re flying.

For the complete list, head over to

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