Cote’s Cube: First ever self-shaped surf contest

Pumping waves at La Jolla Shores for the first ever Self Shaped Surf Contest. Photo: Cote

Pumping waves at La Jolla Shores for the first ever Self Shaped Surf Contest. Photo by Cote

A few weeks back Shaper Studios teamed up with Vissla to put on a unique surf contest where every competitor in the event shaped and surfed on self-made surfboards. "Shaper Studios is once again making history by presenting the first ever Self Shape Surf Contest. For the first time in the history of surfing, surfers will take part in a contest where every surfer is riding their own hand-shaped surfboard," a release said. We sent our ace reporter down to cover the event for Cote's Cube, and here's what he came back with.

self-shaped surf contest

Donald Brink and his custom craft. Photo by Cote

Shaper Studios in San Diego is the "world's first public surfboard workshop" that allows anyone and everyone to come in to their shaping studio and make their own surf craft from start to finish.

self-shaped surf contest

Chris Cote on location and on his own self-shaped surfboard. Photo: Phillip Mansfield

A year or so ago, I went in there and shaped my very first board, and the experience was fantastic. They really let you get your hands dirty and create your own board, offering guidance and support, but also encouragement to do your own work. My board turned out better than I accepted and actually rode OK, considering I have never shaped before.

self-shaped surf contest

Derrick Disney ripped on his self-shaped fish. Photo by Phillip Mansfield

Check out Shaper Studios online. I highly recommend making your own board, as it will give you much more appreciation for the experts who make surfboards for a living. I know I'll be sticking to professionally shaped surfboards from now on!

self-shaped surf contest

The girls division featured some really cool self-shaped boards of all shapes and sizes. Photo by Cote

self-shaped surf contest

The trophies were awesome! Photo by Cote

self-shaped surf contest

The hotly contested alternative craft division featured some rad asymmetrical boards. Photo by Cote

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