Cote’s Cube with Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr

Josh Kerr stars in the new shred biography “Kerrzy.” Photo by Brent Bielmann/

Any time Josh Kerr releases a web clip, or, better yet, a full-length video, surf fans get stoked. His latest release is part biography, part action flick, and it's 100 percent awesome. The new film, titled "Kerrzy," blends brand new Josh Kerr surf action from around the world with throwback footage of Kerr as a young Aussie grommet. With interviews from Kelly Slater, Taylor Knox, Mick Fanning, Joel Parkinson, and the Harrington brothers, “Kerrzy” examines Josh Kerr's rise through the world of airshows, him going on and off and back on the World Championship Tour, family life, and more.

For this episode of Cote's Cube, we go mobile, setting up shop at the Arnette Offices in Encinitas, California, and chatting with Kerr about his film’s world premiere.

Josh Kerr

Kerr kills a wave in Bali. Photo by Jimmicane/

“Kerrzy” will be available at, as well as iTunes.

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