The craziest vacation rentals to rent in 2016

Vacation rentals can make or break your vacation. From a cozy ski lodge to a thatched roof bungalow which lets the breeze in, it's all about the accommodations.

Narrowing down your choices can be super difficult, especially when there are so many similar options. Plus, perusing travel website can be a huge time-suck, so we’ve rounded up the most unique rentals to check out in 2016.

They’ll actually give you motivation to plan a vacation more than two weeks in advance …

Hotel Pashmina, French Alps

Hotel Pashmina igloo

The rooftop glass-domed igloos give guests a sweeping view of the French Alps. Photo: Hotel Pashmina

This hotel in the French alps houses rooftop, glass-domed igloos.

As if glass igloos weren’t cool enough, it's Europe's highest resort so the views from your cozy igloo bed are sure to be stunning.

You won’t be at a loss of fun things to do since it’s right next to world-class skiing and snowboarding, so you can ski in and ski out.

Have a (slightly) rustic experience while still enjoying all the trappings of a luxurious French resort.

The American dollar is also relatively strong right now against the Euro, making it a great time to visit.

Learn more about Hotel Pashmina.

Rush Creek Lodge, Yosemite National Park

Rush Creek Lodge King Room - Kim Carroll Photography

A king-room setup at Rush Creek Lodge offers each visitor a deck to catch the sunset on or sip a morning coffee. Photo: Kim Carroll Photography

The lodge, located inside Yosemite National Park, hasn't been open in over 20 years.

Owner Lee Zimmerman calls it a destination within a destination since there are so many amazing activities in the park.

The lodge is a nice respite from camping, when you're looking for slightly more luxurious amenities.

The hotel stays true to the spirit of national parks and has a deck off of each room so you can take in an amazing, unencumbered sunset.

The National Park Service is celebrating it’s centennial, so there are tons of activities in 2016 to plan for.

Learn more about Rush Creek Lodge.

Hüttenpalast, Berlin


Hüttenpalast is way more than a hostel. It’s more like an adult sleep away camp (crafts not included). Photo: Hüttenpalast

This hostel in Berlin is taking the idea of bringing the outdoors inside, to a whole new level.

It has hostel-style accommodations but, instead of bunk beds, guests stay in camp-style huts ranging from mini-indoor campers to lodge style rooms.

The concept was designed to enhance interaction between travelers and is reminiscent of a summer sleep away camp.

We’re sure you’re bound to leave Hüttenpalast with some new camp friends.

Learn more about Hüttenpalast.

Quarters 17, San Francisco

quarter 17

The property sits next to the historic Point Bonita Lighthouse. Photo: Forrest Tanaka/Flickr

Ever wonder what it's like to stay in a lighthouse?

Find out at Quarters 17, a federally owned rental formerly used by the Coast Guard on oceanfront property in San Francisco.

The National Park Service announced they'll be renting it out on a year-to-year basis for a base lease of $6,500 but that will likely go up, based on renters interest.

Considering the Bay Area's rental market right now, that isn't so far fetched.

The lighthouse is now automated so you won't find out about any unwelcome responsibilities when you check in.

Learn more about Quarters 17.

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