Man creates wave pool with his bare hands

Fred Coblyn is creating a wave pool for Indonesian kids using his bare hands. A love of surfing combined with a background in building and construction led Fred to develop the prototype seen in the clip above. "At the moment the machine is very large and complex," Coblyn told GrindTV. "But the energy required costs less than 3 cents per wave."

What you can't put a price on, though, is the smiles of the Javanese kids as they ride their first wave. Located more than 100 kilometers from the coast, Fred's pool is the only chance they will likely ever get to surf.

Fred's wave pool is in direct contrast to the ones seen in the ongoing race to build the perfect man-made wave, which started heating up in 2012. Since then that race has shown no signs of cooling off. At the forefront is the Basque country's Wavegarden. Their pool, located near San Sebastian, is not open to the public, but it has been successfully ridden by scores of pro surfers who, without exception, have raved about the fun they had and the future potential on offer. Other Wavegarden pools have been introduced in the U.K. and southwest France.

Elsewhere, shaper-turned-wave-maker Greg Webber recently announced a Memorandum of Understanding to build the first of his Webber Wave Pools in southern Queensland, Australia. The developer is David Baird, an Australian entrepreneur, and the proposal is currently being assessed by local governments with the goal of being completed by the end of 2015. The below clip shows how Webber believes his pool will offer the first tubing man-made wave.

Of course these are multimillion-dollar operations, and the end products of years and years of investment and research and development. The wave pool race continues, powered by surfers’ desire for the perfect wave and boosted by talk that a fully functioning wave pool could provide the avenue through which the sport of surfing could enter the Olympics.

Whether it be via government-backed, state-of-the-art private projects or individuals like Fred, it seems it’s only a matter a matter of time before man-made waves are a reality and not a dream.

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