It’s time to realize that helmets are cool

Ski and snowboard helmets are the stars of the latest video in the High Fives Foundation’s safety series B.A.S.I.C.S. (Being. Aware. Safe. In. Critical. Situations.). #HelmetsAreCool, or “Helmets are Cool,” is a safety video put on by the Lake Tahoe, California-based group that works with athletes suffering from spinal injuries, but admittedly it’s as engaging as it is informative.

Follow the lives of several action sports athletes as they look to piece their worlds back together after suffering serious injuries and learn how helmets are making a difference on the slopes. Snowboarder and High Fives athlete Danny Toumarkine is one of four athletes profiled in the piece, and admits that a helmet could have prevented the multi-year recovery nightmare he faced after his serious crash.

“It could have been avoided,  said Toumarkine, who stayed in the ICU unit for three weeks and underwent four brain surgeries after catching his heel edge off a jump. “Had I had a helmet on that day the doctor said it would have just been a severe concussion, so it was really frustrating to know that in the end it was my fault. A stupid mistake.”

In addition to athletes, the video looks at companies that have dedicated their work to making helmets safer. Stefan Ytterborn, founder of Sweden-based POC, understands the devastation these brain injuries can wreak on not only the victims but also the victims’ families, and has dedicated his company to preventing these injuries. The company teamed with another Swedish company, MIPS, to create a revolutionary new system in helmets to reduce the rotational force that causes a majority of brain injuries on the slopes.

With the technology in place, campaigns like #HelmetsAreCool are important for spreading the word and changing the way we think about helmets. At 26 minutes long, #HelmetsAreCool is a longer video, but the information is invaluable and the stories heart-wrenching. If you’re on the fence about whether to wear a brain bucket this season, watch this video and remember: #HelmetsAreCool.