My Killington: With The Hammer, VT’s Mogul Maniac

By Kade Krichko

The king of New England bump skiing, Randy "The Hammer" Grasso has called Killington home since 1978. Ripping down the mountain's most notorious mogul trails in all black outerwear, the bump slayer first became known around Killington as the "The Black Hammer" for his relentless laps and emphatic lines. Now with a shortened nickname and a different outfit, The Hammer and his rockstar flow still shred Killington's famed bump lines on Outer Limits and Devil's Fiddle at least five days a week—snow, shine, crud, or otherwise. In recent years, The Hammer has teamed with Meathead Films and other bump skiers from around the region, including Radio Ron and Gnarbarion, to film several spring mogul segments, cementing himself permanently into East Coast ski lore. The Hammer is happy to ski bumps with anyone who's willing to test their mettle at Killington's Bear Mountain, just don't expect him to be waiting for you at the bottom.


Killington Hammer Powder

Randy “The Hammer” Grasso knows how to hammer Killington’s powder, as well as it’s bumps.


Place to Ski on a Powder Day: The secret places obviously, and I want everyone else to go to Snowshed. But seriously, if you're looking for a legit spot on a powder day, you want to go up in the canyon [off of the K-1 Gondola] and hit some of the gladed trails. Anarchy and Julio's. The next best thing on a pow day is to be the first one up and go down the middle of Devil's Fiddle.


Killinton Hammer Kosak

The Hammer’s favorite movie is “Better Off Dead” starring John Kosak. What’s that? It’s Cusak? Nevermind, that movie sucks.

Place to spring ski: Devil's Fiddle and Outer Limits by far, no question. If you're going to impress a local, it has to be at Outer Limits.

Place to take the family skiing: Ramshead is a great place. The family can ski, there's a mini park over there for the kids, and it's always groomed for the parents that aren't too overzealous. Plus there's actually a lot of vertical over there.

Place to grab a pre-ski snack: I used to get my Powerbars at Blackies [Riverbend Deli] but Blackie's got washed away in a flood so that was a bummer. This year it's probably the Phat Italian. It has groceries and a nice deli.


Place for après: Après is at Sushi Yoshi; it's definitely my favorite place. Lookout is most people's favorite, but at Sushi Yoshi you can actually talk a little bit, so I like it better. And of course free wings at happy hour. There's also a new spot in Mountain Green that has free pizza for happy hour called Slopeside. For dinner Sushi Yoshi and Lookout are both good options as well.


Place to park: When Bear Mountain is open, I park at Bear no matter what. Before Bear opens, I try and get close to the K-1 Gondola, but that is definitely not ideal. It's packed this time of the year.

Killington trail map