My Mountain High: Being Californian with Nick Visconti

By Lindsay Fraka

A mere hour-and-a-half outside of Los Angeles, Mountain High is an easy choice for those looking to get in some good riding at a local Southern California resort. Nick Visconti, who grew up in Northern California, now rides for the Mountain High team and has plenty of good things to say about the hill.


“Nick Visconti? What are yooou doin heeere?”


After scoring the bronze medal at the 2012 Winter X Games in the real snow rail jam, Visconti’s been busy getting involved with multiple film projects including Mountain High’s first full-length film, “Los Angeles.” He’s also been the mastermind behind a venture with Transworld Snowboarding that includes the project “ReCreation.” A king of jibbing and a guy that always knows how to have a good time, Visconti has a lot to say about Mountain High and its local happenings. Here are a few of his favorites:


Place to lap on a spring day: The best place to rip your snowboard on a spring day is Mountain High. Between ripping the Los Angeles park features on hill and apres-ski parties on the sundeck; Mountain High will make you feel like a Hollywood A-list celebrity!
Place to ride on a powder day: It doesn’t matter where you ride on a powder day. Getting white roomed on a bluebird with your amigos is epic anywhere.

“I took the 10 to the 60 to the new 210 to the 15, exited on 138 west to the 2 to the White Room.” P: Mountain High

Place to grab lunch when you’re done riding: After you’re done riding, a short ride back down to Los Angeles will sober you up and get you ready for the north side of the border’s best Mexican food: El Tarasco in Manhattan Beach.


Place to eat dinner with your family: There is something about being in Southern California that necessitates eating Mexican food. Baja Cantina in Venice Beach is the best for margarita madness.


P: Mountain High

Place for happy hour: If you really send it like any Los Angeles local, you should be taking your last lap just in time to ski into the bar at the BullWheel.