My Playground: highlining through Utah

Adventure sports photographer Travis Burke cut his teeth in the American Southwest, shooting every adventure he could find in Utah, California, Arizona, and Nevada. Hitting the road every week, he lives a nomadic existence, covering parasailing in Death Valley today, and climbing through Yosemite tomorrow. But Burke, to his credit, isn’t just a curious observer. No matter the focus of his features, he’s always eager to give them a try. And that goes for even the most harrowing adventures, like walking across a one-inch slack line 400-feet above some canyon floor in Utah. For Burke, it’s all part of living life to the fullest. Observing is fine, documenting is even better, but real living is about getting in the game.

On his most recent trip to Utah Burke joined Jerry Miszewski, one of the world’s best highliners, on the adventure of a lifetime. After getting the shots he needed it was his turn to walk the line.