New Craig Anderson film to premiere online only Thursday


In less than 24 hours, a one-day-only online screening of one of the most anticipated films of the year, “Slow Dance,” will begin. At 6 a.m. Pacific Standard Time on August 8, Craig Anderson’s first signature film will fill our ocular cavities.

“Slow Dance” is not only Anderson’s first biopic film, but it’s good pal Dane Reynolds’ first time in the director’s chair for a movie that’s not about him. Dane’s Marine Layer Productions filmed and edited the thing for the past year-plus on the road. Locales for shooting included India, Tahiti, Africa, Chile, Hawaii, Craig’s home continent of Australia, and others. The film co-stars Dane, Mark Occhilupo, and Rob Machado, to name a few.

Starting Thursday morning, for exactly 24 hours, you can watch the whole enchilada right over here.

If you can’t wait that long, Andrew Doheny’s weird and wonderful first film titled “Metal Neck” is also being premiered online right now. Watch that over here.

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