Just a mountain biker’s backyard

Professional mountain biker Eric Porter moved to Utah 11 years ago mostly for the open space. “There’s plenty of it here,” he says. “I can get lost pretty easily just from riding out of my backyard.” But why he’d ever leave his backyard is a question some bikers might ask him. After all, Porter has installed an impressive pump and jump track just behind his house, complete with a roll-in ramp that starts from his second-floor balcony. It’s no wonder he’s the most popular guy in town.

Of course, what lies beyond his backyard is just as intriguing. Utah’s Wasatch Mountains are vast, pristine, and filled with potential for mountain bikers like Porter. But potential is only good if it can be realized, and to that end Porter spends time these days working to extend the amount of high-quality rideable trails in Utah. One of his primary objectives is educating local resorts like Powder Mountain and municipalities like Ogden, Utah, to the value of having high-quality trails. With the help of our friends at Bike magazine and Subaru, we produced the video above to show you how Porter’s real backyard is ever-expanding.

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