Skier Daron Rahlves’ Banzai! Tour wildest race on snow

High speed is the order of the day at the Rahlves' Banzai! Tour. Screenshot taken from video

High speed is the order of the day at the Rahlves’ Banzai! Tour. Screenshot taken from video

Think the World Cup downhill was intense? That Olympic snowboardcross was the craziest thing you’ve ever seen? Well, it’s time to blow your expectations out of the water with the Rahlves’ Banzai! Tour—the wildest race ever to hit the snow.

The demented brainchild of former Super-G World Champion Daron Rahlves, the Banzai! Tour is a string of skicross and snowboardcross races around California’s Lake Tahoe that combines cross disciplines with big-mountain freeriding at high speeds—and with high consequences. For four seasons now, the Tour has sent skiers and riders down technical race courses with gates, jumps, and cliff drops, offering a $15,000 purse at each stop and reinventing competitive racing along the way.

As described on the Banzai! Tour site, action consists of “head-to-head action four at a time, top to bottom down a wide-open course over natural terrain and snow conditions. This is the ULTIMATE test of ski and riding skills.”

As much as I hate to admit it, sometime words just don’t do action justice, and the Banzai! Tour is prime example. Luckily for us, some of the crazies took GoPro footage on the last stop of the Tour at Sugar Bowl last weekend, and the edit is mind-blowing. Check out this inside look at one of the wildest events in snow sports. Banzai!